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½ November 28, 2015
reminded me of robert redford's 'havana'
September 1, 2015
Anything with Sean Connery ought to be worth a watch . . . shouldn't it?
July 22, 2015
I can't believe Sean Connery starred in a B Movie.
August 10, 2014
Director Richard Lester summed this film up nicely, calling it "A political film within which no one speaks about politics and a love story in which no one speaks about love." There are hints of Casablanca, with Sean Connery as a mercenary hired by the Batista Regime in 1959 to train soldiers. He then comes across old flame Brooke Adams, all the while the Cuba Revolution is fomenting. It's a film that wasn't received well at it's time by critics and also wasn't received well by either Castro or Batista supporters, which probably means they got it right. Besides Connery and Adams (who always seemed interchangeable to me with Karen Allen and Jessica Harper) is a strong cast that includes Jack Weston, Chris Sarandon, Hector Elizondo, Denholm Elliott, Martin Balsam and David Rappaport. Written by frequent Lester collaborator Charles Wood it's a smart script that avoids cliches and works quite well. It's not a prefect film, but in some ways it struck me as something of a flawed masterpiece.
July 15, 2014
ultimately watched b/c of sean connery but overall the movie felt heavy handed. was really pushing forth a message instead of just letting things flow. put me in mind of a passion project. sean connery is good as always and charming but just wished he was in something more worthy of him. giving it the extra star b/c of sean connery and thats it. if you are a sean connery fan like i am there are better movies of his out there.
October 31, 2013
I'm embarrassed to admit I sat through the whole thing. Story is all over the place, direction is mediocre. Connery is very good, but he has nothing to work with in this broth-thin, overtold story of stories of stories. Brooke Adams is simply terrible. Completely unbelievable in a role that most actresses would have declined because it was not a role of anyone who could possibly be real. Sarandon is good for the material given him, as is Denholm Elliott. As much as I like these actors and admire the director, I am ashamed for them all.
March 13, 2013
An attempt to show the life of rich Cubanos in the days leading up to Fidel's revolution. A documentary would probably be more interesting.
February 5, 2013
I can't believe the negative comments! This is one of those movies that makes history a fun ride. So many recognizable faces come together in a fantastic mix - a bloody revolution brewing all around a clunky love story. Doesn't anybody get it?
October 19, 2012
Sean Connery? I'm willing to try it out...
December 25, 2011
There could have been a good movie here - the local colour is good - but the whole enterprise is defeated by a laughably poor screen play, lousy direction and abysmal acting by Brooke Adams.
October 26, 2011
Capitalizing on Sean Connery's Fame as 007, he didn't depart much from that role , as he is a British Mercenary for Hire here.A somewhat Elegant Film with Superb Cinematography that offers glimpses into Local Customs, Rebel Cause & Effect, & The Excesses of the Powerful,such was life in 1959 Cuba.Quite interesting to tour the Cigar & Rum factories along with the slimey ,Jack Weston, as Gutman.Also quite interesting glimpse into the extent of what extremists, the Rebels ,were under the Batista regime, even if they did take liberties with the History.Sean Connery as Robert Dapes looses his Tough Guy Mercenary focus, when he is reunited briefly with the Love he lost 15 years earlier, Alexandra(Brooke Adams) who is now married into the most powerful family in Cuba, & is unwilling to give up her life of Luxury & Prominence for him.I enjoyed this Film very much.
August 14, 2011
Messy. The writer seemed to want to cover the revolution, a crime family's fall, the incompetence of the Cuban troops and a love story. It was all just thrown together and the rattled up and down and then you get Cuba. Sean Connery was, as always, good though.
½ February 11, 2011
From what I didn't sleep through, I saw excellent direction. But, I fell asleep, so therefore, I cannot review this film.
½ December 15, 2010
Richard Lester is really an underrated film director. This film is beautiful and very wry in its humor, both in word and in sight. He builds the film--almost entirely--from quick shots of business around Havana and when these shots are interrupted, it's usually with a hail of gunfire or by the romance of the film. That's really where it kind of fails. First, Brooke Adams seems way to young for this role, based on references given in the film she's supposed to be in her early 30's and doesn't look the part. Second, the romance comes out of nowhere and develops in an odd and unsatisfying way. The film is better off focusing on the intrigue of the characters without it because the rest of it is really quite wonderful. I can't help but think this is really a Vietnam War movie because the message appears to be about the change in modern warfare from that of the past, but it's thoroughly concealed by these characters in late 50's Cuba that are well-written and well-performed. (Especially by Connery, who's much more low-key than his usual persona. He's actually a part of the ensemble here, rather than usurping it by his mere gargantuan presence on-screen.)
November 2, 2010
A late Richard Lester gem which deserves to looked at with better critical eyes 30 years after its first release.

Sean Connery puts in a good performance as an English mercenary called in by the toppling Cuban goverment to curtail the activities of the Rebels.

What follows involves him with an old flame the Goverment and the rebels and of Course American interests .

The love story part of the film is a bit stale probably because actress Brooke Adams is way to young to cut it as a connery love interest.
But what does work is Lester eye for suppoert casting and of course background deatail.

The supporting cast includes Martin Baslam,Denholm Eliot,Hector Elizondo and Jack Weston all get some good lines and parts to get their teeth into.

Lester stages the fall of the goverment very well and for a fan of Lesters films i consider this to be a real little gem ,a few flaws in that gem but well worth unearthing
½ October 2, 2010
I thought this was very messy. The plot was unclear as were the characters. It wasn't even clear what year it was set in at first. Once that is figured out, you know the backdrop to this but what is going on in the supposed forefront is just a confusing mess. Don't bother with this, besides it's hard to watch a american version of the cuban revolution when you are expected to take Batistas side.
September 22, 2010
"In these times, you can only win against Castro if you're right." - Der vierte Film in meiner kleinen Lester-Retrospektive, und der vierte Volltreffer. Dabei fällt CUBA auffällig aus der Reihe durch seine eher bedächtige Inszenierung, die auf den ersten Blick so gar nicht in den üblicherweise eher exaltierten Stil Lesters passen mag. Doch ist hier der leicht verschobene Blick des Regisseurs ebenso präsent wie in seinen überdrehteren Filmen - lediglich die Verschiebung ist subtiler. Drei Jahre nach ROBIN AND MARIAN, der wohl für Regisseur und Hauptdarsteller einen Karrierehöhepunkt markiert, darf Sean Connery erneut einen nicht gebrochenen, aber doch merklich angeknacksten Antihelden geben, dem hier die Weltpolitik, die den Hintergrund der Erzählung bildet, eher widerfährt als dass er eine aktive Rolle darin spielt. Die Figuren sind so komplex wie ihre Beziehungen untereinander, der Tonfall von CUBA kippt mal in absurde Poetik, dann wieder in jene wunderbar sanfte Zärtlichkeit, wie sie nur Richard Lester inmitten des Chaos finden kann. Und zudem hat er Hollywood mal wieder einen dezidiert linken Film angedreht.
½ September 13, 2010
Quite a poor story which i feel lacked direction...neither the director nor the writer i think knew where they wanted the story to go...
½ March 15, 2010
A bit of an odd film. It seems to struggle to find its identity for the first half (at least) and then stumbles to some sort of semi-coherent ending. Bit of a shame, really, 'cause Connery is still at the height of his "slightly older, but still dashing and can play a heavy" days. Some characters seem to come up from - and disppear to - nothingness. Lots of serious-looking folk with no rapport with the audience because their backstories are cartoonish at best. Martin Balsam, Denholm Elliott...uh...why? It's like watching a Tarantino film without any of the character cohesion. Any film with Chris Sarandon is in trouble in my books (except Princess Bride - but he was still the worst part of that film). Brooke Adams looks great but ...who was she supposed to be exactly? I watched this in four sittings because it was too dull to watch in one. Could have been an interesting "mood" film but fails miserably in that regard.
Super Reviewer
March 9, 2010
(1979 Director: Richard Lester) I think it is important to understand our neighboring countries, don';t you? And Sean Connery starring?!? On TV this week!@
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