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May 5, 2010
Looks interesting enough.
January 26, 2010
Great follow up to the first season. I personally think that this one was better than the first season. All the familiar characters from the first season return in this one except Ted Danson. My favorite episode from this season was "Trick or Treat" so many memorable lines from that one. The Shaq episode was great too as was "The Baptism". Once again Larry David uses his personal life experiences and observations and challenges social norms to get laugh out loud comedy.
January 3, 2008
You see, I too have a friend I don't call because that would mean I'd have to talk to his girlfriend. And I really don't care for her. It most likely won't last, so I'll gladly wait it out.

No, I'm not quite to Larry David levels of passive-aggressive behavior just yet, but I can see myself there in twenty years.

Hell, right now I can empathize completely with Larry in so many of the situations he gets himself into:

He didn't mean to trip Shaq. He was just stretching his legs. Why should he need to issue a mea culpa to all of Los Angeles?

The little girl asked him to cut her dolls hair. She even liked it at first. How was he to know that a girl her age (that goes to a prestigious private school no less) didn't know it doesn't grow back?

Hey, he didn't know what the massagist meant by "finishing off". And he totally stopped her after 12 strokes.

Anyway, season two was 10 episodes that ranged to good to brilliant.

I also checked out [i]Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest[/i]. Pretty good. Took for damn ever to finally get some momentum behind it, but when it did it was pretty darn entertaining. I wonder if any of the abilities of Johnny Depp will rub off on Orlando Bloom. On a scale of wood, he lands between Paul Walker and Keanu Reeves. As I finished typing that, I realized how that could be misconstrued. I could go back, and clarify that, but I'm too lazy and it's too late tonight.

I'm also about 8 episodes into season three of [i]Lost[/i]. Yeah, it's the weak part of the season, and kind of the weakest part (so far) of the series over all, but the last half was simply amazing, and I can't wait to rewatch it.
November 30, 2007
One of the best shows on cable T.V.
May 15, 2006
[b]Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete Second Season (2001)[/b]
½ February 9, 2005
Bullsh*t - And theres plenty of it. From the Bible to Psychics, a lot of scams and con artists are exposed, and I am better off for watching it.

Curb - I loved this show at first, but now I am not so enthusiastic. Maybe it's because I have seen almost all of the episodes. It's still a must see if you haven't, especially if you likes Seinfeld, but there are a few lousy episodes, so maybe give it more than one chance.
August 31, 2004
[indent][color=yellow]MOOD: at least I still have my sense of humor... that's all I have left[/color]
[color=yellow]LISTENING TO: RHCP - "Can't Stop" / Weezer - "The Sweater Song"[/color]
[/indent][color=wheat][b][i]Curb Your Enthusiasm Season One[/i][/b]:[/color]
[indent][color=wheat]Hilarious! If you liked or loved [i]Seinfeld[/i], you have to watch this. It's like a more hardcore, less exaggerated [i]Seinfeld[/i]. I watched this awhile ago, (I think I wrote a review on it), but I didn't rate it. I need to rewatch it.[/color]
[color=wheat][b]Grade[/b]: A-[/color]
[/indent][color=sandybrown][b][i]Curb Your Enthusiasm Season Two[/i][/b]:[/color]
[indent][color=sandybrown]Still Hilarious! Comic genius. The only reason for the lower rating is because of two reasons. The first one or two episodes were only of semi-hilarity (if that is a word). They are still funny episodes.... don't get me wrong. Just a little less hilarious. The second reason is that it is the second season the originality, of course, isn't as new. It doesn't hurt the show. Maybe I'm being too harsh on this one. I might change the rating later.[/color]
[color=sandybrown][b]Grade[/b]: B+[/color]
August 1, 2004
Finished the second season of [b]Curb Your Enthusiasm[/b], and it's just as good as the first. Best episode: The Doll. Gotta love that theme music, too.

And now, I'm going to talk about [b]The Village[/b], so don't read the following unless you've seen this movie and know that [color=red][b]the creatures are werewolves and Joaquin Phoenix is one of them!!!!![/b][/color][color=black]Just kidding.[/color]
[spoiler] Though it pained me to do so, I left The Village briefly about 2/3 of the way through to go to the bathroom, and that turned out to be the point where a good movie went bad (first time I've left a movie in a theater since Vanilla Sky, and I felt okay about that since I'd already seen Abre Los Ojos, but this time I just really had to go, and that's a long tangent). All of the best parts happened before I left. Lucius's confession to Ivy. The Creatures coming out in the night. Shyamalan is great at creating a mood; it's his strength, he knows it, and he never fails to capitalize on it. He has some help, courtesy of James Newton Howard's score and Roger Deakins' cinematography.

Now let's go to after I come back and Ivy is going into the woods and we find out the two twists. The twists are nothing special, which is fine by me. Shyamalan's previous film, [b]Signs[/b], lacked a shocking twist ending and was the best film of 2002; the rest of the film was strong enough to allow that. The Village, however, lacks a strong story outside of its twists. They add nothing to the story except for HOLY CRAP!!! The love story goes downhill, since it ceases to exist, and that's a shame because it was interesting and emotionally involving. The knowledge that the Elders are the creatures does nothing, since all they did was scare people and skin some animals. If they were killing people to keep their secret safe, then we'd have a story. Films about utopias are no fun unless there's a catch. The fact that it's really the present day doesn't do anything, either. The Elders are telling people a harmless lie, and as I said before, that doesn't make for an interesting story. Think about [b]Memento[/b], where the twist wasn't just a surprise, but an revelation of what someone would do in order to justify his existence. A twist that impacts only the audience, and not the characters, has little purpose.[/spoiler]

Incidentally, I think this is the only film I've seen Brendan Gleeson in in which he's clean-shaven.
On the home front, things have still been pretty slow. Not much has really happened lately except for the one LAN party I went to (I'm not a nerd, I just have a diverse group of friends). I played a bit of Warcraft III there and I think I need more; I was hooked on the Age of Empires demo I had years ago and Warcraft could fill that gap in my life. So thanks a lot, Ben, pretty soon you'll have me rambling about Zergs or some shit.

And for the scant amount of ATL/Woodward people that read this, I hit up Crescent Moon last weekend. It's a funky little diner with great food in the last place you'd find to expect one: attached to Northlake Mall. And this is a place where the flagship location is in Decatur. But yeah, I'll definitely be going back, and next time, I'm trying the breakfasts (served all day, hells yeah).
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