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A group of snakes -- affected by radiation and transformed into mutant vipers -- terrorize the surrounding countryside by changing humans into mutants through a single bite. The film shares little with the others in the series.
Horror , Mystery & Suspense
Directed By:
Written By:
Trans World Entertainment


Jamie Farr
as Harry
Bo Svenson
as Sheriff
Al Fann
as Gas Jockey
Sandra Sexton
as Doctor Marder
Terrence Evans
as Farmer Dave
Shiri Appleby
as Grace Newman
Tiny Wells
as Beef
Bruce Marchiano
as Deputy Barney
David Allan Coe
as Hippie Trucker
Suzanne Celeste
as Aunt at Motel
Deke Anderson
as Country Boy 1
Suzanne Celeste
as Aunt at Motel
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Director Prosperi and special effects wizard Screaming Mad George pull out all the stops during the second half, leading toward a snaky, hellish, rainswept climax boasting tension, creative innovation, and true showmanship.

Full Review… | February 23, 2016

Audience Reviews for Curse II: The Bite

A ridiculous film that actually was surprisingly better than I ever thought it was going to be. It has a high energy level and nasty special effects. The ending is gross but also satisfying. Has nothing to do with the first curse film at all.

Matthew Marks
Matthew Marks

I saw half of it about 20 years ago... UPDATE!!! I waited to long to see a movie that, basically, sucks! I, literally, saw a little more than half of this on cable about 20 years ago and completely missed most of the 2nd half. I knew that the movie sucked, or that it was going to suck but, I was determined to see it. All of the characters, in varying amounts, suffer from terminal stupidity. The story, while ridiculous & stupid, stands up as perhaps the best part of the movie, save perhaps Jill Schoelen & Sandra Sexton, who are freaking knockouts! This movie also suffers from something called "gore-porn" which is basically pointless gore that adds nothing to the story or ANYTHING meaningful to the movie whatsoever... The violence in this movie, while there was some, is by no means over the top & is not something that I had a problem with. The gore, the vast majority of which takes place in the final scene of the film, has some violence to it but, it is by no means worthy of anything, except for perhaps a "Razzi"... This movie is by no means the worst film ever made but, if I had a "Top 100 Worst Films Ever Made" list it would arguably be on that list!

Morpheus One
Morpheus One

This in-name only sequel bares NO connection to the 1987 pile of hilarity that was The Curse. This little gem revolves around a couple traveling through the desert highway and happening upon a nuclear chemical area that has spread amongst the snakes, causing them to really pack a punch in their bite, and by packing a punch, I mean biting the annoying lead male and watching him slowly turn into a giant snake for the next 90 minutes while his girlfriend stands around like a moron and Jamie Farr (the guy that dressed in drag on MASH) hunts them down. Pretty hilarious movie that really kicks the comedy up a notch at the climax. Good stuff.

Jason Duron
Jason Duron

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