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December 8, 2010
With Clouseau still missing, the French president orders Clouseau's archrival - the dangerously deranged Dreyfus (Herbert Lom) - to find him. Having no such intentions, Dreyfus ingeniously hires the world's worst detective, New York Police Department's not-so-finest Clifton Sleigh (Ted Wass), to ensure that Clouseau is never located. But it's beginning to look like his foolproof plan could end up making him look like the fool!.

also stars Burt Kwouk, Robert Loggia, Harvey Korman, David Niven, Robert Wagner, Capucine, Roger Moore and Joanna Lumley.

directed by Blake Edwards.
June 5, 2010
Hollywood has this awful, awful habit of producing terrible final chapters of series. This God-awful tripe is a prime example of that behavior. Instead of letting the late, great Peter Sellers rest in peace, they talk Blake Edwards into making one final Pink Panther movie WITHOUT Sellers (kind of what they did with the Steve Martin remakes a few years ago). What's worse is that they cast this utter buffoon (Ted Wass) to play Clouseau's replacement (who isn't funny in the least bit) and then end the original Pink Panther film storyline with Clouseau apparently turning into a thief himself and turning his back on the law he fought to uphold for so many years. WTF???!!!! The movie ends with the original Pink Panther thief, David Niven, getting away scot-free. My intelligence and my movie-watching psyche were both severely insulted with this mess and I felt this was a slap in the face to the memory of all of Sellers' great Pink Panther films.
January 27, 2010
BAD - why did Blake Edwards and David Niven do this?
December 6, 2009
Somehow this isn't the worst one. And it's a mysteriously brisk 110 minutes to sit through. Far less painful then even the last one Peter Sellers is actually in, Revenge of the Pink Panther.
November 21, 2009
la seule chose d'intιressant dans ce film est le fait que Jacques Clouseau devient l'acteur Roger Moore
October 21, 2009
Not as good as the other Panthers but amusing.
September 30, 2009
This movie is an unbearable atrocity. Only an intriguing cameo appearance at the end is of any real interest or merit. It is actually offensive to me as a Peter Sellers fan to see such a meager, amateurish, and uninspired attempt to capitalize on the Pink Panther franchise after Sellers' death.
½ September 16, 2009
Ποιος πίστεψε πως μπορεί να γίνει μία ταινία "Ροζ Πάνθηρας" χωρίς τον Sellers; Όποιος και να είχε την "φαεινή" ιδέα πάντως, προσέβαλλε τη μνήμη του μεγάλου κωμικού με αυτή την βαρετή, αφελή και ελάχιστα αστία "κωμωδία" της συμφοράς. Και ένας Herbert Lom δεν φέρνει την άνοιξη.

Despite Herbert Lom's brilliant gags, this is a stupid and unfunny film. "Pink Panther" died along with Peter Sellers.
½ August 17, 2009
The original and best of the Pink Panther movies.
August 17, 2009
Det. Clifton Sleigh isn't funny, especially when compared to Clouseau. This film falls as flat as Inspector Clouseau. For the fans only.
Super Reviewer
May 14, 2009
No thanks - Not interested
May 6, 2009
Mielenkiinnosta haluan taman nahda.
½ May 4, 2009
love all the old pink panthers, the new remake with steve martin can kiss my ass!!
½ May 1, 2009
A Pink Panther film without Clouseau is like a James Bond film without James Bond...what's the point?
February 15, 2009
an attempt at continuing the series with another character (Clifton Sleigh)this just isn't funny. Roger Moore is plain embarrasing
½ January 10, 2009
one of the worst sequals ever!!! not because it was so not funny but because it betrays the clouseau character!
½ December 4, 2008
ugh. they should have stopped after sellers' death. this was blake edwards' sad attempt to restart the series with someone new. sadly, ted wass is just stupid. if you want to keep the good memories about peter sellers don't watch this.
October 21, 2008
One of the worst of the Pink Panter movies. This was just poorly written and produced.
And I love the Pink Panther movies. If this wasn't a Pink Panther movie it probably would have gotten 1 1/2 stars from me.
½ September 16, 2008
Edward's second of three attempts to keep the Panther films going after the death of Sellars is pretty dismal with one misfired joke after another. More interesting just to see one of the most bizarre casts ever assembled in one film. It's more of the same, only with TED WASS!!!
September 4, 2008
Anamfivola, autos o asimos kai kakistos ithopios pou evalan na adikatastisi ton megisto Peter Sellers, den ftanei oute sto daxtylaki tou epitheoriti Klouzo. Alla den einai mono o kainourios dedective to provlima tis tainias. Einai kai to kako senario tou Blake Edwards, kathos kai i diekpaireotiki skinothesia tou, se adithesi me ton Herbert Lom, pou einai, opos pada, yperohos. O Sellers itan anadikatastatos kai kathe klonos tis seiras stin opoia edine pnoi, itan anapofeukta metrios eos kai kakos.

Ted Wass cannot replace the brilliant Peter Sellers, neither Blake Edwards can make a "Pink Panther" movie without this hilarious, but late actor. The direction is also not too good and as regards the performances, Herbert Lom is the only character who makes you laugh. A complete failure.
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