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½ March 18, 2017
Watch it for the ice skating scene alone.... And the doll is creepy too.
½ March 13, 2017
Bleak and unique, Curtains is a hidden gem in the slasher genre.
½ November 2, 2016
Fascinating, if uneven, thriller about 6 actresses getting picked off one by one by a killer in a hag mask. The very capable cast seems game for a sharp, upmarket psychological thriller, but the film itself doesn't seem to know if it wants to go for classy thriller or sleazy slasher. Subplots are brought up and resolved without telling the audience how, characters range from moderately well-developed to near mute (Anne Ditchburn's ballerina for one), and a mysterious doll shows up a for a few scenes and is never mentioned again. Due to the film's ADD nature, it has a (perhaps unintentional?) nightmarish quality to it. Samantha Eggar fares the best with one of the film's more interesting characters - aging actress Samantha Sherwood who has just broken out of an asylum where she was sent to rot by her director (and possible lover?) under the guise of "research" for a her role. Lynne Griffin fares just as well as Eggar with her role as a quirky stand up comedienne hoping to make her big break in the world of film. Despite its flaws, it's an interesting, dreamlike, and sometimes genuinely unnerving little chiller with a few truly unforgettable set pieces. Horror fans looking for something with a bit more character might dig it.
June 23, 2016
A little forgotten, but average, Canadian slasher. There's nothing terrific about this one, it's got some of the most classic cliches of the genre, even the fact that there's a twist ending is one big ass cliche, and it's also a bit slow moving. But the acting is pretty good and I did find the concept interesting enough. And the killer's mask is cool and creepy. For any slasher fan, this is one to see!!
½ February 16, 2016
Hidden gem slasher flick with a fun, Argento-ish setup.
½ November 8, 2015
Quaint little Canadian slasher movie regarding 6 hopefuls trying to get cast as the main character is new film called Audra. The sleazy director has his casting couch already for this, and actresses get killed off one by one.

This was quite enjoyable, especially John Vernon. The acting was pretty decent, and a fun story.
½ August 5, 2015
This one was a film I've always heard about and seen creepy images associated with when searching for horror stuff on the Interwebs, but I had never been able to track down a copy until Synapse put out the Blu-ray recently.

The film was worth the wait, and I would say it's worth a rental if you have the chance, just for some little-seen horror from the '80s heyday.
½ May 13, 2015
A pretty fun a memorable slasher. A famous director has 6 actresses try out for a role in a secluded mansion, but someone keeps killing them off.
There is some creepy stuff in here, but there is a lot of random stuff that you'd expect to be explained but isn't.
½ April 5, 2015
This film had a lot of good going for it with actors John Vernon and Samantha Eggar in it and a very cool movie poster.
The problem is that it couldn't be more than a basic slasher film with a very easy ending.
The mask the killer uses is pretty creepy looking and there were some decent scenes still, but as a whole it just doesn't hook you.
March 4, 2015
Lo mejor de Curtains es sin duda su poster...y a partir de ahí todo empieza a decaer.

La idea inicial no es mala, y podría ser muy interesante para un giallo italiano a lo Argento. Incluso tiene algunas interpretaciones más que respetables. Pero la historia se va desarrollando de forma muy torpe, destrozando toda posibilidad de intriga o misterio (y su final se ve venir a lo lejos).

Además, es una de las películas más desastrosas a nivel técnico que he visto nunca. Jamás había visto en una misma pelicula apareciendo en pantalla un micro, una pertiga completa y la francesa de la mattebox de la cámara....¿qué estaban bebiendo en ese rodaje? Horripilante, y no en el buen sentido.

Las pocas buenas ideas de la película se van poco a poco al garete.
½ January 24, 2015
A simple and stylish (at times) slasher that had the makings of something great, but fell short thanks to being much slower and unoriginal than it needed to be. The ice skating sequence and the ending chase scene are pretty good, high tension scenes that the movie needed much more of. The first forty minutes is just a bunch of false scares one after the other. The mid portion of the movie is a bit more interesting, but the extended dialogue sequences drag it down. I just never felt I got to know the characters well enough to care about what they had to say or if they lived or died. Of all the actresses who get murdered one after the other, the only one I felt I got some insight into was the ice skater (who is killed off early). It's worth checking out for slasher fans, but a slight disappointment nonetheless.
October 26, 2014
I was a third of the way into this before I was sure I had seen it before, which says a lot. Vernon is even more sleazily unpleasant than he's meant to be, which I thought was gross, but might be a kind of brilliance. I thought Griffin was quite good, though. The whole thing is crazily uneven and littered with nods to Suspiria, which just made me wish I was watching a better movie.
½ October 4, 2014
Sometimes a horror movie fails because it's a bad idea, or just really cheap. Sometimes they have a good idea at heart, but the execution doesn't work. And sometimes, as in the case of Curtains, producers don't give the movie a chance to succeed at all, even though I'm not exactly sure Curtains itself would have worked any better had it been allowed to stay intact. It is a film that has built a reputation as an overlooked gem, but after watching, I understand why horror fans tend to ignore it. Curtains is a real mess in every way. The story wobbles around from melodramatic plot brakes to supernatural silliness and I think it finally decides on being a near bloodless slasher. Because of all of the changes with the script, crew and tone Curtains' pacing is very slow throughout, picking up close to the end with the "final girl" chase. As cool as this killer is, you hardly get to see her, and this movie slowly trudges along. The dialogue is bad and there isn't much character development. The only character out of the entire film that is worth saving is John Vernon's Stryker. When the killer is revealed at the end, it is far from a surprise and it isn't done well either. Curtains is a failure all around. You're not going to find too many worse 1980 slasher films. What Curtains amounts to is a total mess. As it stands, it's boring and makes no sense.

"Hit The Exits" - [Panned Reaction] These are some of the worst films ever made. These films do everything wrong and do it worse than bad. Audiences should never see this film under any circumstances! (Films that are rated 0.5 or 1 stars)
September 27, 2014
Ah the good old days of Canadian "tax shelter" films that allowed so many horror movies to be made in the Great White North (masquerading as "anywhere USA"). This was was made during the post-Halloween "Slasher" boom that was beginning to play itself out by the mid-1980s. Its more of a psychological horror film than your typical stalk and kill masked killer film though the killer does wear a very spooky old crone mask. John Vernon plays a jerk director who encourages his long-time leading lady and lover, Samantha Eggar, to commit herself into an asylum to properly research a role for an upcoming film. Vernon's sleazebag director then has a casting call for the role Eggar is researching and six beautiful actresses converge on his estate for the weekend. Who is the killer? All the actresses want the role as does Eggar and then there is Vernon himself and his sleazy handyman lurking about. Like Black Christmas and The Brood, this film uses its snowbound setting to further isolate our cast of characters, there is a killer inside and its freezing cold outside. Linda Thornson, Diana Rigg's replacement in The Avengers TV series plays one of the actresses vying for the part, Quebec cinematographer, Richard Ciupka directed the film.
June 8, 2014
Not very good, it lacked story and suspense. It was kind of a mess aside from a very creepy mask and very few scares.
~June 9, 2014~
½ November 28, 2013
A little slow and boring at times but there are some creeps with the mask and the doll. The video box terrified me as a kid.
October 7, 2013
Do not toy with aging actresses!
Super Reviewer
½ August 30, 2013
A thriller and a slasher horror movie. I enjoyed it. There are some really creepy scenes, and strange things that happen to confuse you about the killer. It's not a really great movie, but it's good for a lesser known slasher flick.
August 24, 2013
A bit weird, very confusing, but an alright tale. There's not a lot that's memorable, and the pacing is slow. The characters don't make a ton of sense. There are some decent scenes though, and it's fairly watchable.
April 13, 2013
First half of the movie is filled with wonderful scenes and genius filming, the ice skating being the highlight. It tapers off into a standard camp 80's slasher to finish off though, but meh, still enjoyable and well done.
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