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April 13, 2013
First half of the movie is filled with wonderful scenes and genius filming, the ice skating being the highlight. It tapers off into a standard camp 80's slasher to finish off though, but meh, still enjoyable and well done.
½ January 23, 2013
Absolutely one of the worst slasher movies I've ever seen. Apparently the production had problems from the start - actresses dropping out over nudity (though there was hardly any in the movie), going over budget (how? looks like they probably had a shoestring budget to begin with), etc. The movie moves slower than a slug and makes little sense. The acting is atrocious and the effects are nearly nonexistent. Garbage.
December 12, 2012
Easily one of the well acted slashers of the early eighties--A classy slasher with a scary killer!!
½ October 14, 2012
High on cheese value, but I really wanted it to be better. The pacing and storytelling are wildly uneven. Luckily I'd be happy listening to John Vernon and Samantha Eggar read the phone book to one another.
½ September 2, 2012
Wildly uneven 80's slasher with huge gaps in both logic and plot.
The mask and the toilet scene however are to be commended.
February 14, 2012
I absolutely loved this 80's slasher movie. It has the eerie ambience and the mask was terrifying. I cannot believe this Canadian movie is underrated. The actors who portrayed these characters did a splendid job, especially Samantha Eggar. The tagline for this film, "6 beautiful actresses trying to get ahead, but when the curtain falls, 5 will be dead" implies the premise for you. The synopsis goes along the lines as this: An eccentric movie director, John Vernon (played by Jonathan Stryker) isolates his actress wife, Samantha (played by the amazing Samantha Eggar) in a mental institute to help her portray the mannerisms of a mad woman for a new role, but he doesn't release her for a very long time. Years later (now this is where the plot primarily starts), the director invites 6 actresses to his secluded estate for a prestigious audition for the title role in his latest film, Audra. When one of the chosen actresses mysteriously doesn't show up, they all presume she is unable to make it, so they carry on as it were. But a masked weapon wielding killer prows the premises of the villa and kills each actress, one by one. Supposedly, it's one of the 5 actresses attended- in order to obtain the assigned role. I cannot tell you enough how much i enjoyed this film. It's much more than a typical 80's slasher film- it's even more some. I possess 2 copies of this film; VHS and DVD . It's one of those rare stylish gems. :)
½ February 1, 2012
Underrated gem from the 80's Slasher genre.
½ October 21, 2011
What a disappointment this movie was. It had real creepy scenes, music, style, camera work, acting, that it would have been one of the best slashers if it wasn't for the incoherent directing, editing, and plot. It felt like a montage of horror scenes that hardly made sense. nevertheless, effective.
October 1, 2011
Curtains is a good slasher premise that's played out to mediocrity. An actress commits herself to an insane asylum for the role in an upcoming movie..only her director (played my John Vernon who the best thing about this) who helped commit her doesn't get her out & decides to hold a casting call. The actress actress escapes & comes back for the role. Then the cast is killed off by someone wearing the mask that is supposed to signify the character their bidding for. It's all played out to a bit of tedium w/ only one highlight kill on an iced pond & a sickle. The killer is a nice twist though
September 19, 2011
woooow really man, this looks creepy.
August 24, 2011
Kanadai slasher meglepĹ'en ötletes törtĂ (C)nettel. A hĂ­res filmdĂ­va Ăşj szerepe kedvĂ (C)Ă (C)rt Ăşgy dönt, hogy bevonul egy diliházba ahol megtanulhatná az Ĺ'rĂ 1/4ltek viselkedĂ (C)sĂ (C)t, rendezĹ'je kihasználva a hisztis szĂ­nĂ (C)sznĹ' "remek" ötletĂ (C)t a háta mögött meghallgatást tart házában a hĹ'n áhĂ­tott elmebeteg szerepĂ (C)re. A bolondokházába tudomást szerez errĹ'l sztárunk Ă (C)s vĂ (C)res bosszĂşt eskĂ 1/4szik. Tiszta Száll a kakukk fĂ (C)szkĂ (C)re PĂ (C)ntek 13-ba oltva, csak ez nem olyan jĂł, de a műfaj rajongĂłknak erĹ'sen javallott.
July 13, 2011
Great film. Great cast. Some good kills. Is it just me or does the "hag killer" remind you of Catherine Tate when she plays the gran character. :) You should check out the Hysteria Continues podcast on this one for lots of interesting facts and figures.
Super Reviewer
½ May 10, 2011
The narrative is fragmented and parts are cheesy but as far as 80's slashers go, 'Curtains' has all the right ingredients and a solid third act. For horror fans we get a nice death scene involving a skating rink, a cool masked-killer and some stylish visuals (when the photography is not overexposed).
May 5, 2011
Canadian slasher flick with some truly awesome scenes including a death scene on oce! The killers mask and doll are really creepy. There were problems on this film, reshoots etc which are apparent but overall good atmosphere and worth watching. This is a good example of a movie that didn't quite work that could be remade.
April 30, 2011
Curtains is a rare breed in the slasher film genre. It's a mix of both a giallo and a slasher film, and it works! The difference between a giallo and a slasher is that a giallo focuses more on the suspense, scares, and mystery, while a slasher focuses on just killing people off in inventive ways. Curtains focuses on both, coming up with great ways of killing of people, while still delivering the shocks and scares. The killer looks cool, sporting an old hag mask, and there really is a mystery of who the killer is. However, I did suspect one character of being the murderer all along, and I was right! But that was just a lucky guess. It's a great film, even though the gore is almost none existent and the kills aren't TOO creative.
April 12, 2011
Good luck finding this golden age slasher film because it has never been been released on DVD. Still, for slasher fans, I can say that it is a thoroughly entertaining if at times silly entry in the genre that aspires to a kind of metafictional level by having actresses auditioning for a film as the pool of victims. Curtains is nowhere near as intelligent as even the most asinine metafiction (Hello, Wes Craven's Scream!), but it is still a fun little piece of 80s slasher fare that will delight those who love the period and genre and are looking for films they haven't seen.
March 22, 2011
Jonathan Stryker admits a great actress Samantha Sherwood to a mental facility. It's for research in the next Stryker role "Audra". He has other plans and that's to keep Samantha in the mental ward and invite six women to a mansion where they fight for the part, sort of. Samantha, however, gets out of the mental ward to drop in on Stryker's invitee's to also bicker and banter with him.

One by one each of them is killed off by someone in an old hag mask, but who is it that's doing the killing?

Great performance's from John Vernon and Samantha Eggar in this highly original slasher flick.
½ February 27, 2011
Several knockout scenes of terror are buried like
gems within this slow, talky slasher from the
cycle's dying days - but can't save it from being
a frustrating experience. It's a shame, 'cause
there's something interesting going on in this
giallo-esqe thriller.
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