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In the center of a monotonous suburban existence, Sarah lives silently and in subservience to her icy husband Patrick. They have been together far too long, and Patrick's affections for his wife have all but vanished. Instead, his sexual urges are tempting him to lust after their own son. Realizing how far gone her husband is, Sarah undertakes drastic, shockingly sickening measures to salvage some sense of her life and purge her years of festering resentment.
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Low-budget, but extremely disturbing. File with "Dogtooth" and Martin Scorsese's early short "The Big Shave."

Eric Broome
Eric Broome

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Note: This Flixster page only refers to the half-hour short - part of a compilation with the same name - where disturbed spouses violate themselves as a family in a cringe inducing manner because of their jadedness towards each other. Try seeing it without flinching! (The rating is for the short.) Review of the compilation also entitled Cutting Moments which names itself after the short it includes: Compilation of shorts from different directors. I was fond of most of them - comedy and drama pervade them and you'll be disappointed if you took the time and effort to find this hoping for disturbing scenes of blood and gore throughout. The self-hyped film is mostly a study on "suburban existance" and the human condition at times. The only short that's pure horror is extremely cringe-inducing (Cutting Moments) and it's the very last one. I'm debating whether it was my favorite short or not. Fun and funny shorts overall - low-budget and it has "indie" written all over it.

Richard Cranium
Richard Cranium

Cutting Moments is a powerfully brutal and emotionally traumatizing short film--it packs a powerful wallup for a film that is less than thirty minutes long. Similar in many ways to early Haneke films, particularly his Emotional Glaciation Trilogy (The Seventh Continent, 71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance, and Benny's video) as well as Funny Games, Cutting Moments explores the dangerous emotional vacuum that envelops a couple and their young sun, a vaccuum that leads to pedophilia, mutilation, and other depravities. While Cutting Moments is not for the faint of heart, the majority of its most brutal moments occur offscreen (also similar to Haneke), but the mere suggestion of the events and the horrors of the situation involved pack a powerful and visceral punch that you will not soon forget. Artfully directed in a detached, minimalist style and featuring harrowing performances from its three cast members, Cutting Moments is a powerful statement about suburban malaise, the relationship between love and identity, our need for attention and self-verification, and the inherently aberrant nature of desire itself.

Al Miller
Al Miller

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