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August 15, 2014
This film had so much potential. Production for this film must have been a nightmare because the quality ranges from decent to terrible.

It would be a fine TV original movie, but it's not.

It has a couple interesting ideas, but they don't quite ad up.
April 4, 2013
I saw michael de mesa in this film ;) cool :D
October 26, 2012
Had it's moments, but mostly boring slow moving, little action.
January 15, 2011
Cyber Wars takes place in a Neuromancer like world but without the flashy visuals. In fact, while a film like Cyber Wars can be slow paced, without the visual interests of say Blade Runner, it can be hard to maintain the attention of the viewer. Often is the case with Cyber Wars. While it does have moments that are entertaining, the low budget nature of the film just doesn't lend itself well. The difficulties in bringing a futuristic world to life are much to obvious and scream out at the viewer. Things tend to look out of place and make it hard for the viewer to get involved in the picture. This combined with a pretty confusing story with a slew of characters makes Cyber Wars a less than stellar film.
While it is passable viewing, it never seems like anything more than made for television fare.
November 3, 2010
meh, drawn out, and im usually like b grade to a degree.
Looking for a good scifi look elseware.
If you just want to see a bad one that's not very enjoyable, go ahead
October 4, 2010
Sounds good & interesting
September 23, 2010
Makes me kinda wanna play chess.
August 24, 2010
Quiet good, I guess!
Super Reviewer
½ June 21, 2010
Considering how many hackneyed Blade Runner ripoffs have been pasted together throughout the years it's not particularly surprising that this film has so thoroughly slidden through the cracks. This specific genre of films is dying a lonely, painful death and for one to even get noticed anymore it has to be somewhere mega-budget... or else it's relegated to Sci-Fi Channel 'movie of the week' status. If it weren't for netflix instant and the fact that I couldn't find anything else to watch, I'd have never even heard of this; which is (sort of) a shame since it's genuinely not awful.
Granted, it suffers from a dull, incomprehensible plot, a stupid title, uninspired soundtrack, and has some of the unavoidable, headache inducing "LOOK! It's the FUTURE! People wear bacon as earrings...IN THE FUTURE!" design elements. But nevertheless, what this film has going for it is a competent cast...a competent cast in a low-budget sci-fi film is like finding the holy grail in a dorm room mini-fridge. Genevieve O'Reilly plays a street smart blade runner, I mean head hunter, who tracks down stuff for people...I'm not quite sure what, but she's appealing, and more importantly, believable as the centerpiece for this future landscape. The supporting players also do a great deal to lend some credibility to this picture; David "Secret of the Ooze" Warner, Joan "Twin Peaks" Chen and William "J.F. Sebastian" Sanderson to name most, all contribute subtle performances...which says to me that they were either embarrassed to be in the film or were receiving stellar direction. Either way they avoid the great pitfall of "it's THE FUTURE! People have to be zany in THE FUTURE!"
And finally, there are some rather nifty technological ideas. Ideas that seem somewhat exotic and are implemented without looking immediately dated, or that break the fragile suspension of disbelief. They just happen without explanation, which is usually a good thing in films like these. Most objects aren't uselessly clunky and a lot of design elements look (because of the budget) piecemealed from existing locations, giving a pleasing functionality to about 75 percent of the film's environment.
That being said, this certainly isn't a "good" film, and maybe I just like it because it reminds me of "Overdrawn at the Memory Bank", but if you have even a remote interest in the genre you'll be pleasantly surprised for an hour and forty-two minutes.
March 29, 2010
8i like this u oll
February 26, 2010
February 4, 2010
Man, was I duped. I thought this was James Cameron's blockbuster film, when I downloaded it. None the less it was not too bad. Interesting concept. Nothing noteworthy, though.
½ January 16, 2010
OMG! Just bad. Not so bad-it's-good. Not unintentionally hilarious the whole way through. Not even remotely entertaining. The logistics of how the "sphere" (a global communtication device, that sounds like it's really awesome VR, but it seems to be real life) are sketchy and vague. The plot is like every other techno-in-a-computer-thriller type you've seen. The costumes are some of the worst I have seen, with it being like noir meets leather, in the lamest way possible. The acting is like a really bad theater troupe that don't realize that adding dramatic weight to every word doesn't make all the words important, but rather irriates everyone listening to them. The CGI is actually kind of decent.
January 7, 2010
So cool. Movie of this year!!!. High technology, high morality!!!
Dibalik kecanggihan teknologi, kita hrs sadar dg keberadaan moral, budaya yg harus dipelihara. TWO THUMBS UP!!!
January 2, 2010
Not to be confused with the James Cameron behemoth - this has more incommon with The Matrix and Sci-Fi TV series like 'Wild Palms'. Not entirely bad, and some of the SFX are decent enough, but it is quite talky and confusing.
December 27, 2009
looks retarted. pulling the matrix.
September 27, 2009
Interesting movie. A first time viewer would do best watching it with no distractions and possible notes. Its a little weird and confusing. an Acquired taste. Not a movie to use as a basis for SCI FI movies.
½ September 3, 2009
Cheap Version of the Matrix.
½ August 24, 2009
An incoherent mess with terrible effects and a worse script.
Super Reviewer
½ July 21, 2009
Cashing in on the Matrix franchise, this crime (drama?) has a bounty hunter track down a quintet of megacorporation owners who are forcing everyone to be pawns in a large game of their own devising... apparently. One has to take the characters word on this, because the entire "matrix" concept is barely fleshed out, only bandied about in the dialog to make everyone wake up and think they are watching a different film.

An interesting concept with some solid sci-fi elements. It would be watchable, if the plot was at all coherent or consequential, or even remotely reflected what the characters were talking about at any particular point in the film. Throwing some interesting, if cliched, ideas into a trash pile doesn't disguise the mess.
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