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August 19, 2012
love this movie where can i able to download for free?
½ July 4, 2008
Well it's obviously filmed in Canada. The premise is extremely predictable and boring, its been done.. well way too many times already. It's kind of dull, and the effects are sub-par at best. Not even that great to waste time watching on tv.
½ July 15, 2007
humm, though it's a bit old movie at this time, I LUV it~!!!! xD
Rex, a good-natured Golden Retriever, is given bionic super powers by an eccentric scientist, he becomes the target of an evil genius determined to possess the new technology at any cost.
I've always loved those movies whichever this lovely dog has involved in. He has pure, beautiful eyes; it is the window of his tender hear; he has a deep, great emotion..... everything just makes me cry every time~~ > <
May God bless u forever, Rex.
½ March 18, 2004
Cybermutt has all the elements of A Hollywood family film. Deceased parent. Bitter, grieving parent trying to get on with life. Lonely, only child whose only friend is loyal canine. Kooky scientist who turns dog into bionic marvel after accident. Evil genius bent on world domination who repeatedly attempts to kidnap dog. Bumbling evil sidekick. Beautiful femme fatale. It?s all here. And that is the film?s biggest problem ? it?s too formulaic, too predictable. There aren?t any real surprises in the plot.

The other disappointment was with the stunts and special effects. The potential existed to do some really cool things with a bionic dog, but all Rex does is jump through a window or two and use his thermal imaging to spot the bad guys. Oh, and he can hear really well and see really far ? yawn.

Judd Nelson (The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo?s Fire) heads a cast of mostly unknowns, including Ryan Cooley (TV?s Degrassi: The Next Genration, Lexx) as Nino, Michelle Nolden (Deceived, Men With Brooms) as Nino?s mom, and Paulina Mielich (Pitstop) as the evil Erica. For the most part, the performances are exactly what you would expect from a film of this type, but Nelson and Nolden stand out and have a nice chemistry on-screen.

Cybermutt is a fairly entertaining film for the youngsters and adults will probably find it just ok. It?s an innocent and inoffensive film that the whole family can feel good about.
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