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½ January 17, 2019
It starts to go down here
October 26, 2017
I watch this movie on VHS yes This sequel SUCK, This is a worst sequel of time. new coach was terrible
July 27, 2017
Really excited for this one!
½ May 11, 2017
For this movie I don't know why people don't like this movie but I do Amelio Estevez did good in this movie as well as the others! It's a good sports movie and a funny movie.
½ March 12, 2017
I may be against the grain but, while the first Mighty Ducks movie has the most nostalgia and seems to be immune to the overly stereotypical approach, D3 is the series at its finest (quality-wise). D3 carries on pretty much all of the D2 squad and follows them into a prep high-school setting that feels more like college. I love this movie the most because its heart is bigger and its real-life application is significantly stronger, making it more believable. D3 keeps a little of the franchise's fun-loving self, but the rest is a tale of rising above your nemesis by bettering yourself. Anyone that's not overly critical should find something to like about this final Ducks movie.
February 17, 2017
Not the best way I can think of to end the series, but I still really enjoyed it. I just don't understand the decision to not have Gordon Bombay coaching the Ducks. Other than that it was fun and entertaining. (First viewing - Late 1996 in theaters)
December 16, 2016
Teaches us all of valuable life lesson, that teamwork is important and can help us achieve great things.
December 14, 2016
Let me say something first before I get to the regular review, this movie sucks a lot because their is not a lot of Emilio estevez, yeah he's in the movie for 2 minutes but still 2 minutes of a 1 hour 50 minute movie. He's supposed to be the coach not a freakin lawyer for the ducks but the coach for the ducks. Man it makes me so angry that he's in it for a so little amount of time because without him in it for a long time it just ruins the movie. The best part of this entire movie is the end when emilio estevez makes one last cameo to see that he was right that the ducks would be good on their own, yes that is true but still the movie sucks without him. He's on the fudging poster of the movie and everything. They replaced him with the new garbage coach, if they make another movie like this one but without Emilio estevez I will hate the franchise and write a sharply worded email to Disney but it's 2016 and so far no 4th movie, hallelujah. The people who came up with the idea of emilio estevez leaving, I'm disappointed with him, but thank you not really for ruining the mighty ducks for me.
July 6, 2016
Has a similar plot to the Karate Kid, how original!
February 21, 2016
Las cosas vuelven a ponerse algo más interesantes en esta última entrega, especialmente con algunas subtramas, pero es posible la peor de la saga.
February 20, 2016
Great ending to a great series!
January 28, 2016
This is the last series to the Mighty Ducks this time they're in high school and they have scholarships to playing hockey. I like the coach the new coaches name is coach o Ryan he is sarcastic and funny and there are funny parts in this movie I like the background music so it's a good movie to watch.
January 20, 2016
Not as bad as people make it out to be but not having Gordon Bombay in it more than 10 min or whatever sucks but it's still fun and entertaining
½ October 7, 2015
In my opinion, this the best out of the 3.
June 18, 2015
I understand why people hate this movie: the lead is a douchebag, the broad-joke writing is embarrassing, and nothing character or plot-wise really makes any sense (Suddenly Goldberg can't skate? They win the Olympics but can't beat a high school team?). HOWEVER, the interpersonal drama is among the best of the series, the smaller moments of humor are good, and the new coach breathes some authentic life into the athletics. An extremely Disney-Channel-fied mess of a (barely) good time.
May 4, 2015
Takes a more comedic edge but still more of the same
April 16, 2015
Weakest of the three. Coach Bombay leaves, the kids get older, loses some of its charm.
½ February 10, 2015
My least favorite one , still good
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