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July 8, 2013
how can i watch the freaken movie !!!!!!!!!!!!
½ September 8, 2011
Okay I'll be honest. I saw the movie to see Trina McGee as a stripper. But there was no stripping?

Trina McGee is a great actress and it was sad to see her in such a badly produced and poorly written film. The depiction of black women in this movie was laughable to the point or parody. They try to advertise the movie as having a 'good message' ("not all money is good money").

The acting is embarrassing and the dialogue made me cringe. Did the script actually have the characters saying 'up in here' in every line? How many times must someone say 'okay!' at the end of each statement or question?

The other "actresses" were horribly unattractive; I can't imagine why anyone would want to pay $20 for a lap dance from overweight out of shape women with ugly faces and bad weaves -- ironically, the only good looking one is Yolanda and she is the one that eventually gets fired because she was 'always late'?.
February 2, 2011
Best movie of all time... ALL TIME!
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