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December 13, 2006
Whatever your beliefs, "The Da Vinci Code" is a film to be seen and, more importantly, discussed.
November 11, 2006
They make fun of you for watching their movies, and still they get paid!
September 22, 2006
If you want an entertaining yarn about the Knights Templar, historical secrets, and cryptic codes hidden in famous documents and artifacts, go rent National Treasure.
August 14, 2006
Does what a good film adaptation should do: Illustrate the best parts of its source material and still manage to make a highly enjoyable film for the uninitiated.
July 27, 2006
The movie version is so faithful to Dan Brown's hit book it should come with a dust jacket ...
July 25, 2006
If you want a taut adventure story, read the book. If you want a simiplistic tale with average performances and irritating alterations to the source material, watch the movie.
July 17, 2006
It would have taken a more imaginative approach and vision not within the reach of Howard and Goldsman to make the material come alive as a movie.
June 24, 2006
Completing the trail of cryptic clues simply becomes an end in and of itself -- think Sudoku: The Movie -- with little in the way of whimsy, star chemistry or excitement to enliven the dour plod.
June 22, 2006
Even as a visual aid, The Da Vinci Code is a deep-dyed disappointment. Paris by night never looked murkier.
June 13, 2006
It still had the necessary element of Encyclopedia Brown cerebellus-ex-machina, but it was visually interesting and didn't slow down the action with book-digging%u2026they made the film well, they just took the path of least resistance, and for that I can
June 11, 2006
Some protesters believe that if you see this film, you'll go to Hell. They got it backwards. I think if you go to Hell, you'll probably see this film while you're there.
June 7, 2006
Over the course of two and one-half hours, the film unfolds in a series of dull and unengaging episodes.
June 3, 2006
If you take this stuff seriously, one way or another, you're sure to be duped. You've got to hand it to Mr. Brown: So dark the con of man, indeed.
June 1, 2006
The movie was, simply, a disaster. I didn't care about the characters. I swerved between being overwhelmed by the endless expositional dialogue and shocked by how obvious certain story choices were.
June 1, 2006
For once we have a thriller that is 90% idea and 10% action rather than the other way around.
May 31, 2006
Like a revved-up show and tell: call it show and tell and tell again.
May 30, 2006
The book kept you breathless; the movie makes you restless.
May 30, 2006
Feels far more like TV fodder than something worthy of the big screen. The plot is intriguing and the acting pretty good, but the final finish is lackluster.
May 27, 2006
Clipped at the wings in Howard's adaptation is a rich pagaent of esoteric knowledge and French history. Beneath every calling card is a better, truer story... the information is out there in the public domain for modern tropes, however twisted.
May 27, 2006
The Da Vinci Code succeeds as a popcorn film.
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