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½ January 28, 2016
A charming re-telling of the classic Australian Story Dad & Dave aka On Our Selection. This time round they have captured the spirit of the story but told with modern equipment.

As tacky as the story it's interesting home timeless the On Our Selection is touching touching on themes that are relevant today, tough times & dishonest politicians.

You could see in its day why it was such a success & I believe the original On Our Selection was the most successful Australian film of the 1930's & spawned an incredibly successful radio show.
½ March 13, 2010
I have fond memories of this film. I first saw it when I was quite young and enjoyed it immensely.
It's a cute little tale about living in the Australian Outback in the late 1800's. Based on the books by Steele Rudd.

It's not the best Australian film out there. Sure it has it's weaknesses which are painfully obvious (comedy is stale), but I would have to say the performances of Geoffrey Rush and David Field are quite good.

I can confirm that the music is still quite enjoyable to this day. Unless you don't like feel-good Australian folk music, then I would not recommend this movie for you.

Don't expect much from it, and you may like it.
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