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Daddy Day Care Quotes

  • Charlie Hinton: If you put your kids through this they're gonna be miserable in four languages...
    Miss Gwyneth Harridan: Five, we start Portugese in the fall.

  • Charlie Hinton: Wow, goats really love pie.

  • Charlie Hinton: Any boob can run a day-care center but it takes a family to raise some kids and that's what we're gonna be from now on, a family.

  • Miss Gwyneth Harridan: My dear Jennifer... In life, there are winners and there are losers; and to win, you have to play dirty!

  • Charlie Hinton: If you don't stop it with that Star Trek stuff, I'm gonna push you in that sticker bush.

  • Phil: Let's get safety gate crazy.

  • Dr. Dan Kubitz: According to state regulations, a childcare centre in a family home is limited to a maximum of twelve children.

  • Charlie Hinton: What does that mean?

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