Dad's Army Reviews

April 9, 2019
Borrowing enough from the original series and allowing the new faces to develop the old characters, they've found the balance so often lacking in reboots.
October 25, 2017
It's not the Dad's Army we know -- it never could be -- but it's an affectionate and well-crafted homage that builds to a climax that is as funny as it is strangely stirring.
February 10, 2016
The plot creaks as much as Jones's delivery van but it gets everyone from A to B intact. A modest accomplishment, to be true, but somehow a fitting salute to a show celebrating the British art of muddling through.
February 7, 2016
Sticking doggedly to the tried-and-tested formula of the television comedy, this big-screen return is virtually a carbon copy of the original with the starry cast delivering spot-on imitations of their beloved predecessors.
February 6, 2016
The plot is thin and the gags are patchy but the expert timing of some of Britain's finest comedy actors has got our Home Guard heroes marching again.
February 4, 2016
Quaint in era of quick-fire, on-message political humour, McColl recognises the strengths and virtues of the original series to deliver a cinematic experience akin to a buttered scone and a nice cup of tea.
February 4, 2016
There's little sophistication on parade, but the film slowly warms to its task of celebrating a very British institution, with some genuine peril in the third reel.
January 28, 2016
This celebration of Dad's Army surpasses the original.
January 28, 2016
If Lowe, Le Mesurier, Clive Dunn and the others are looking down from their celestial church hall, I fancy they're probably smiling.
January 28, 2016
It's a time-honored style of comedy, accessible to a broad audience, and it works on its own terms, without too many ill-advised attempts at modernization.
January 27, 2016
Fittingly for a film which has a running joke about jam roly poly, this feels like cinematic comfort food.