Jun 28, 2020
The only reason this review describes "Dagon" as "one of the scariest movies ever made," instead of as "the scariest movie ever made," is because I haven't seen every film.
Oct 21, 2019
Gordon knows what his audience wants, and time and again he proves a deft hand at giving it to them.
Aug 15, 2018
For our money, Dagon is very possibly the best Lovecraft movie produced so far (we're overlooking Carpenter's underrated In The Mouth of Madness because that was only tentatively inspired by Lovecraft's mythos).
Jul 27, 2018
Dagon isn't as outright funny as Gordon's Re-Animator or From Beyond, but it has moments of spunkiness to puncture the incredible strangeness of it all.
Dec 6, 2005
Dec 8, 2004
There's nothing wrong with a well-done, atmospheric, spooky chiller, especially coming from a director far less frequently heard from than he deserves to be.
Dec 8, 2002
Dec 2, 2002
What we really have here is a cheap horror potboiler: Stuart Gordon's Attack of the Fish People. I swear that's not a bad thing.
Jul 12, 2002