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June 28, 2015
It really makes me happy and proud as a human being and large number of people are showing significant amount of interest in His Holiness's message of love and peace. It really makes me feel happy and a hope that this world can still be a very livable ..
November 9, 2013
Fantastic, and inspiring footage of e Dalai Lama.....What a laugh, he has....
January 12, 2010
This is an important work. Watch it for the message, for the lesson - not necessarily for how well the film is crafted. Watch it with an open mind and you may find that by the end your heart has been opened as well.
½ July 16, 2009
It's always a joy seeing the Dalai Lama speak (especially on the big screen), and of course the scenery from India was beautiful. But as a whole, this documentary was a huge disappointment.

This film is about scholars who went to India on a global sustainability summit at the turn of the millennium. But the beautiful scenery and good intentions were ruined by the bickering, egotistical scholars & participants from the West.

The summit very quickly devolved from discussions of global sustainability to ego battles among the participants. The almost singular exception Vicki Robin - one of my favorite speakers, and author of Your Money or Your Life.

As a social justice advocate, it was particularly frustrating to watch these progressives sabotage their own efforts ... because this is what I see in every city, among many organizations working towards sustainability.

If you're a huge fan of the Dalai Lama, go ahead and watch this film for the 10-15 minutes of him speaking. Or, if you're a part of an organization working for sustainability, and you want a case study of how destructive patterns sabotage a group, then you may get something out of this.

For most people, I suggest skipping this film completely.
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