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Dallas Buyers Club Quotes

  • Rayon: I'm Rayon.
    Ron Woodroof: Congratulations... fuck off and go back to your bed.

  • Rayon: You know what? You don't deserve my money, you homophobic asshole.

  • Ron Woodroof: You enjoy your life, little lady. You only got one.

  • Rayon: It won't even help me.
    Dr. Eve Saks: Doesn't mean I will stop trying.

  • Rayon's Father: You've made a choice.
    Rayon: It's not a choice, Dad.

  • Ron Woodroof: Stop staring at her breast. You've started look normal.

  • Rayon: The men with the most honey, attracts the most bees.

  • Ron Woodroof: Welcome to The Dallas Buyers Club.

  • Ron Woodroof: There ain't nothing out there that can kill Ron Woodroof in 30 days.

  • Ron Woodroof: I like your style Doc
    Ron Woodroof: I like your style, Doc.

  • Rayon: I've been lookin' for you, lonestar.

  • Ron Woodroof: Fuck off!

  • Ron Woodroof: Get the fuck out of my bed!

  • Dr. Eve Saks: None of those drugs have been approved by the FDA.
    Ron Woodroof: Screw the FDA. I'm going to be DOA.

  • Ron Woodroof: I swear it Ray , god sure was dressin the wrong doll when he blessed you with a set of balls.

  • Ron Woodroof: I prefer to die with my boots on.

  • Ron Woodroof: Sometimes, I feel I'm fighting for a life that I just ain't got the time to live. I want it all to mean something.

  • Tucker: You ok?
    Ron Woodroof: You rattled my brain
    Ron Woodroof: You rattled my brain.
    Tucker: What brain?

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