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½ February 6, 2015
This movie is really not that great. Why did they make a sequel?
½ January 3, 2015
They are your daggers. I've always belonged to him.

Damien, the Antichrist, has been adopted and raised by his aunt and uncle, with his cousin, after the tragic death of his parents in the first film. He is raised in a fairly strict but loving/privileged environment and sent to military school. He does exceptionally well in class; but when kids push him, he pushes back...he's also not keen on those who think they know who he truly is...

"It's a shame, getting hit by a truck on a deserted highway."

Don Taylor, director of The Island of Dr. Moreau (1977), Broken Promises, The Final Countdown, Escape from the Planet of the Apes, and He's Not Your Son, delivers Damien: Omen II. The storyline for this picture is fairly straightforward but presented in some cool settings. The special effects were okay and felt very 80s. The acting was as you'd expect for the genre and the cast includes William Holden, Lance Henriksen, Robert Foxworth, Lee Grant, and Nicholas Pryor.

"When you have a knife at your belly, you'll keep your hands by your side."

I grabbed this off Netflix when I was in the mood for a horror movie. This was just okay but entertaining enough to want to see how the characters evolved and the ultimate conclusion. I will admit the conclusion is clever and surprising, but that doesn't make up for an overall mediocre picture. I recommend seeing this once if you're a fan of the genre or series, but I wouldn't go to out of my way to see if not.

"Were you showing off?"
"No, I just knew all of the answers."

Grade: C
December 25, 2014
It often slips into parody of the first, with people just dropping dead without any suspense whatsoever
½ December 17, 2014
Not bad. Damien looks like Corey Feldman but, unfortunately, is not.
½ October 25, 2014
This sequel lacks the bravura pacing of the original, and though it tries to maintain the biblical tone in following the adolescence of its antichrist anti-hero, immense problems emerge. Murderous adolescents are much more routine movie material than murderous five-year-olds, and making Damien vaguely unhappy about his identity only serves to make him more irritating. The number of surrogate demons is also vastly inflated, thereby stacking the decks against the angels from the beginning and undermining any real tension.
½ October 15, 2014
Though it is watchable, it suffers from blunt exposition, horrible acting (even from the great William Holden), and a progression of death scenes that are either comparatively mundane or so gratuitously extravagant that they bypass scary completely for "hokey." (In one memorably awful sequence, the victim's eyes and hair are accosted by ravens on a deserted road; then, out of nowhere, a huge truck comes along and finishes the job.) While the savage violence grates on the nerves, the dialogue ("She pollutes the air with her craziness! She sickens me") assaults the ears. And even Jerry Goldsmith's music sounds rehashed. But underneath all of that is an interesting concept, a coming-of-age drama with a diabolical twist, which is at least enough to keep one watching to the end, and on to the superior "Final Conflict."
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½ October 2, 2014
When a genre picture like 'The Exorcist' snagged most of the awards circuit in 1973, horror was then legitimized as a sought-after category for garnering praise. For my money, 'The Omen' is a spine-tingling, clammy-palmed peer alongside the preternatural exploits of The Exorcist'. Alas, as with most successes, more entries sounded like a viable proposition. Enter 'Damien: The Omen II', a gangly, monotonous disgrace which is distinguished for a litany of 'Final Destination'-style deaths. Instead of Gregory Peck, William Holden is the surrogate father of Damien and at times it appears as though he is sauntering through another movie entirely- a 'Silkwood'-esque potboiler about shareholder misconduct and capitalizing on an environmental crisis. Presumably, the movie is hinging on Damien's rite-of-passage into his demonic birthright. But, in execution, Damien is just an effete figurehead who is responsible for a rampage of giallo murders. It should be observed that all of these elaborately silly murders are cacophonous and unintentionally uproarious. A few examples are a doctor is vivisected by an elevator cable and a woman is pecked by crows until she is splattered by an oncoming tractor-trailer. The anticlimax is almost redeemed by a shrewd double-cross by a devout Satanist-in-hiding but it is too belated to rescue this misbegotten sequel.
½ September 28, 2014
It's no Psycho II but as a sequel to a classic it is not bad at all.
September 14, 2014
Only because one has to watch the trilogy.
August 31, 2014
A terrific follow up to a now cult classic primarily due to the wonderfully creepy performance of it's lead Jonathon Scott-Taylor who apparently hasn't done anything really since.

A real shame about that and how low this film is rated. Enjoyed it immensely.
½ August 12, 2014
don't f''k with the devil son. Now 13, an older Damien begins to discover his true destiny as the anti-Christ and is more than willing to accept it. Forces work to stop his power, but can they succeed?. This movie has cool deaths and in my opinion I think this is a good sequel.
August 3, 2014
Predictable yet watchable follow up. Not as good but a solid sequel
July 29, 2014
I give this film credit for bringing to play some rather fantastic brutal deaths; which is something I also praised the original for... That aside; the film felt a little flat, by no means was it a dull movie, but it certainly didn't quite meet the first standards! Overall though a sequel worthy of your time (providing you found something to enjoy in the first).
July 15, 2014
Favourite film of all time, bloody amazing
May 30, 2014
A solid and very underrated sequel that has never gotten it's due.
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½ May 2, 2014
The Antichrist rises in Damiem: Omen II. Now a teenager enrolled in a prestigious military academy, Damiem learns that he is the Antichrist foretold of in the Book of Revelations. Unfortunately, either because of poor writing or acting, Damiem's journey isn't that interesting. Instead, most of the intrigue lies in the subplot involving the secret cabal that protects Damien. But despite the script issues, the film delivers some intense and disturbing violence. While Damiem: Omen II hits a lot of the same beats as the first film, it's not quite as dark or as ambitious.
½ December 26, 2013
A pretty good sequel that comes close to its predecessor but unfortunately falls short in setting and character development
December 11, 2013
It is true that is the worst of Omen trilogy, but it's good to see and past the time. Not so good, but it's no so bad.
November 6, 2013
Liked it, but not as good as the first.
½ October 30, 2013
Wednesday, October 30, 2013

(1978) Damien: Omen II

While watching this movie reminded me that it was more like the first one since you still got that same old crow looking over Damien- like he can be two places at once or that it's several different crows looking over him and so forth. And the people who're most closest to Damien as well who're catching on to who he really is get killed in never-shown-before fashion even though there's like a trend where if anyone were to hang around with him will eventually get themselves killed one way or another. The movie continues where the last one had finished where he gets taken in this time by the deceased's brother and his wife, Richard Thorn played by veteran actor William Holden and Ann played by Lee Grant. The aunt is the first victim of the family to get herself killed who owns a percent of a huge family fortune Richard is supposed to inherit and then so on. Along with Damien they also send their biological son to the military academy together even though the aunt forbids them to be associated with one another. If theirs any difference between the first and the second one, it's that because he's starting to grow up, he's starting to know more about himself with the help of their Sargent played by Lance Henrickson. So, even though he want to be good he can't for he's not allowed to. There's also a little twist in regards to Richard's wife Ann at the end it's kind of dumb because it's like Damien's got the entire world locked under his feet.

2 out of 4 stars
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