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June 26, 2013
shows what the machinery of fame can do to you
August 29, 2011
Damn! is a documentary and portrait of a very thoughtful and creative man who has the enthusiasm of a champion. A karate champion. Jimmy McMillan of The Rent Is Too Damn High! party is a one-man platform running off the rails of pop culture into the race to become Governor of NYC.

Kudos to the group who were able to put this documentary together in a cohesive manner. Just like Obama and Palin have used pop culture to bump up their campaigns, Jimmy had his own message to share with the World as well and it was a fairly simple one, "The Rent Is Too Damn High!".

The movie focuses on the days before and after the election--from the rise and the fall, to the obscure and forgotten; you can't help but laugh, get crazy with Jimmy-fever, and then feel sad about his anti-climactic loss and trip into wild obscurity. It's becomes uncomfortable as Jimmy becomes but a blip on New York and society's pop-culture radar merely days after his loss. It becomes uncomfortable when you realize that Jimmy wants the shine on the polish to last forever: you look into his mirror and you feel his icon fever.

For Jimmy; this is all just the beginning.
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