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½ October 5, 2005
[i]Dance Macabre[/i] is a completely pedestrian 'psycho on the loose' film that is further marred by an actor playing a double role, because the actor in question has such a unique facial structure that he is recognizable even through the heavy make-up. As such, one of the film's 'revelations' is instead an irritant. Worse, the lead actress isn't really much of an actress.

[i]Dance Macabre[/i] stars Robert Englund and a bunch of young dancers. A St. Petersburg ballet academy has just opened its doors to dancers from the West and girls have flocked to it in the hopes of studying under a legendary Russian dancer. But then the girls start to vanish, and then they start to turn up dead. Who's the killer? Why is he (or she!) butchering the beautiful and talented young women?

Unless you're 12 years old and this is the first movie of this type you've ever seen, the 'who' is obvious from the outset. As is the 'why.' And with those out of the way, there's not really any other reason to watch this film. (There are some particularly creepy and/or gross death scenes for which I am giving a complete Tomato, but that still doesn't mean this one shouldn't be at the bottom of your "to see" list.)

Dance Macabre
Starring: Robert Englund, Michele Zeitlin, and a bunch of teen girls in leotards
Director: Greydon Clark
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