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½ September 6, 2011
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Dreams and fairytales have no age.

The Theatre is Love. Love is a mixture of feelings "stray". The Theatre is the place where the feelings, "loose cannons", as time passes, they become "alchemical compounds" as much magic as generous. And it is the "Generosity," Queen Mother of the boxes, pit, and the fifth to shape young bodies and immature in many bodies harmonious and confident. So I understand.

Kontakthof / Damen und Herren ab 65 mit \ is a classic of Pina Bausch. Kontakthof means "place of contact." Place \ / theater intended as a point of convergence, where everything about the man, his relations, the full range of colors inherent in his soul, come alive, start moving, touching, creating a happy marriage between dance and theater.

Dancing Dreams is a beautiful documentary that pays homage to one of the greatest choreographers in the world. The work is co-directed by Anne Linsel / Rainer Hoffmann and see engaged, as well as a large group of boys "contactees", two former members of the teachers Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, Jo-Ann Endicott and Bndicte Billiet. The Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in 2007, is just one of many awards and accolades awarded to a woman who is able to demonstrate that dreams and fairy tales have no age.

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Il Teatro Amore. L'Amore un miscuglio di sentimenti "vaganti". Il Teatro il luogo dove i sentimenti, "mine vaganti", col trascorrere del tempo, si trasformano in "composti alchemici" tanto magici, quanto generosi. Ed la "Generosit", Regina Madre di palchi, quinte e golfi mistici a modellare corpi giovani ed acerbi, in altrettanti corpi armoniosi e sicuri di s. Cos mi par di capire.

Kontakthof / Mit Damen und Herren ab 65 \ un classico di Pina Bausch. Kontakthof significa "luogo di contatti" . Luogo \ teatro / inteso come punto di convergenza, dove tutto ci che riguarda l'uomo, le sue relazioni, l'intera gamma dei colori insiti nel suo animo, prendono vita, iniziano a muoversi, toccarsi, creando un felice connubio tra danza e teatro.

Dancing Dreams un bellissimo documentario-omaggio ad una delle pi grandi coreografe del mondo. Il lavoro codiretto da Anne Linsel / Rainer Hoffmann e vede impegnate, oltre ad un nutrito gruppo di ragazzi "contattisti", due insegnanti ex componenti il Tanztheater Wuppertaler Pina Bausch, Jo-Ann Endicott e Bndicte Billiet. Il Leone d'oro alla carriera del 2007, solo uno dei tantissimi premi e riconoscimenti assegnato ad una donna che riuscita a dimostrare quanto sogni e favole non hanno et.

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September 4, 2011
Normally, this kind of go-behind-the-scene documentary bores me easily, but it's about the late Pina Bausch (although not really about her, her project for young teens instead), & it did amuse me in a way.
May 25, 2011
Wenders' film ["Pina"] was about the look, the legacy: it bought wholesale into Pina's perfectionism, which is why it struck me as somewhat monomaniacal, even with the stereoscopic trappings. "Dancing Dreams" is geared more towards the construction of these routines, staging a very human (and firmly 2D) examination of the flaws and missteps being worked out: these gauche, giggly, self-conscious teenagers, who have issues with touching one another and moving without their hands in their pockets, initially drive Bausch's regular rehearsal directors up the walls of the Tanztheater, but come eventually to a greater understanding of their own bodies, and of their co-stars' bodies, than a couple of hours' fumbling in a Wuppertal bus shelter might otherwise allow them... It suffers a little from repetition of the same piece - where Wenders could pick and choose - and clearly isn't aiming for the High Art that had "Pina" packing them in at the Curzon Mayfair, but it's good on the process, and benefits from finding voices and personalities that prove at least as forceful as Pina's own. At a post-rehearsal meeting, one of the teenagers voices the complaint "We don't know what the meanings of the meanings are" - a valid criticism of the fawning, analysis-light Wenders doc. Others have their own issues: "Lisa is upset with her boyfriend... Melissa is in tears," is the briefing one of Pina's minions receives upon entering the studio one morning. "Dancing Dreams" shrugs off any cash-in accusations by illuminating an entirely different, no less valid aspect of its real subject's personality: this is Pina Bausch not so much as cult founder as youth club manager - a choreographer of hormones.
½ March 24, 2011
A touching look at the setting of Pina Bausch's Contact Zone on a group of teenagers in 2008. A coming of age story. A story of Pina Bausch in the years right before her death. A story of the production side of performance.
January 1, 2011
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November 14, 2010
The film shows that even beginners can dance in a super show. He paid tribute to choreographer Pina Bausch great innovating with young unknowns. We can see the hard work emitted by young people as they are more attached to a very different style of dance and Kontakthof last 32 years. One would think that the documentary is more advanced and there are moments of repetition.
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