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May 24, 2015
(1 time, 2015) Comedy Central
July 1, 2013
by far the one of the best stand up performances Ive ever seen
January 30, 2013
His best stand-up so far.
October 20, 2012
i love his comedy style its that of man other except his relies more on the controversial comedy but i enjoy that just as much. =
June 21, 2012
Oh god, I was in tears from laughter. Tosh does it again. The next big thing in Hollywood. Ties in Tosh.0 and his humor is gold
June 10, 2012
daniel tosh at his best
½ June 2, 2012
Hilarious time spent
½ April 2, 2012
Comedy at the lowest of the low form. Basically there are 2 things I say to prove this. 1. Tell me anything about the man himself, his comedy is so obvious and rude I still haven't learned a thing going on within his head. 2. The jokes, oh god the jokes. Basically the tripe I hear goes like this *cough cough* "Black people have big cocks, jews you wish you were black."
January 20, 2012
Only lasted an hour, but the short time was very comedic and he is very funny.
½ November 2, 2011
Daniel Tosh's follow-up special to Completely Serious lacks his trademark wit. Whether he's been too busy with Tosh.0 or is simply running out of material, the laughs are simply not as strong as with his previous stuff. Disappointing. Tosh is one of the best comedians out there, and I know he can do better. Still, it's a pretty good set.
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