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½ March 16, 2011
Beware of this low budget disappointment that looks like it has a great story on the jacket, but turns into a mishmash of nonsensical mumbo-jiumno, with poor audio quality and no sense of direction.
½ August 15, 2009
Terrible, terrible film. Story that made little sense, and did an awful job making you even care about it. Characters that were so lame and obnoxious that you were happy when you didn't know what they were doing because to understand them was to have them take up space in your mind, and there are much better things to reside there. Bad acting, bad filming, bad script, two bad detectives, and too bad I watched it.
August 12, 2009
Couldn't even finish it...it's like watching daytime television...
August 5, 2009
From the start, low-quality acting and camera-work hint at this film's inferior quality. A shaky plot is linked together through illogical coincidences and cliches--they even toss in a medium summoning "dark" spirits. Poor special effects and a lack of scary moments only add to this movie's lethargic feel. Overall, a film that would have been better fit for British day-time TV.
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