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May 10, 2011
Gaylene Preston's super-spooky, very damned clever take onhow to make an effective suspense thriller, is DARK OF THENIGHT, aka Mr. Wrong. Heather Bolton is fine and fabulous as the chubby but pretty career girl who loves to commute back home on the weekends, where her folks, and girlfriend lives. But, Heather makes up her mind to purchase a silver Jaguar Mk II. She gives it a nice test drive, and it's a done deal. So, she takes the car home to Mum's. Or, does the car take her home? David Letch as the bad guy, is very menacingas the.....well, you figure it out. The bad guy knows something is awry. The former owner of the silver Jaguarteaches us that murder is an Eternal crime, and revenge is a dish better served cold - and dead. Hitchcockian twist at the end, Thank you Heather, Gaylene, and everyone for one heck of a ride. Pun intended.
December 2, 2007
Horror = Not interested.
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