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Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula Reviews

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July 8, 2009
Basically the title of the film says it all.
July 5, 2009
Good movie, the guy who plays Drak in this once is just damned good looking
April 10, 2009
Count Dracula is as we all know this evil blood sucking bastard who just wont die there ahve been numerous movies made about the lkegend of Dracula but all is great ...
February 3, 2009
This is a remarkably interesting for a movie i never heard of till now. based on real details...man im thirsty any up for some milk?! BWAH HHAHAHAHAH....DOH I GOT MILK ON MY SHIRT!!!! White on white, not so bad....well it could be worse. IF U HAVE EVER WATCHED A VAMPIRE MOVIE AND LIKED IT...U WONT BE DISSAPOINTED BY THIS ONE.
½ December 27, 2008
The most amazing movie ever, it fits the mood exactly and give you a look into the real Dracula.
December 24, 2008
While they take thier libertys to make it intresting probably the closest histrical Vlad the Impaler movie you will ever see!
November 10, 2008
Liked this one. It's like a documentary only fictional. The ending has a twist
November 3, 2008
A lot of history, some fantasy.
½ October 23, 2008
Wasn't to bad of a flick actually. I liked it, compared to some of the other versions anyways. Showed more of the realistic side of Vlad which was cool.
October 17, 2008
the story is awesome!!
August 24, 2008
it was not what i expected....but i thought it was still pretty good
August 5, 2008
Not your regular vampire picture. Very original and excellant costumes and scenery. It depicts the true story of Vlad before he became a "vampire".
½ July 28, 2008
The second best movie about Dracula,it's very dark,bloody and also beautiful,you must see this one!
July 14, 2008
Historically inaccurate, terrible acting by the female lead but i LOVED it, been waiting a long time to see a movie about Vlad rather than Dracula and this one was done well - it's attempts to seperate fact from myth were handled quite well, a few facts thrown in against Hollywood rewrites, however i think the fact that it's made for the sci-fi channel made it better than a bigger budget movie would've and could not have asked for a better Vlad than Rudolf Martin...even if he was very tall to play someone who was supposed to have been tiny! Very glad they included the scene where he eats his dinner surrounded by impaled nobles and the turbans being nailed to the heads!
½ July 11, 2008
Gives a sweet , noble and heartbreakingly sad perspective to the dark figure we always knew...LOVE it!
July 4, 2008
Very well done for television. It doesn't hurt looking at Rudolf Martin either.
½ June 30, 2008
I am a huge fan of the Dracula legend. The folklore and the mythical blood-drinking-profile that was attributed to this once strict and fearless ruler, has fascinated me for a long time. After all the research and reading I have done, this movie is the closest thing to the documented historical events. That's the reason for my many stars. If you want to really know about Vlad (Dracula), this is the film that takes you there most reliably. Loved it!
June 27, 2008
majorily obsessed with dracula and this is the most realistic movie about him yet tells the true story but also adds in the myth
½ June 24, 2008
Enjoyable flick, different view of Dracula and gives a bit of background story to Vlad.
½ June 16, 2008
It's different from other Dracula movies I've seen, but as good as other, if not better. Though from other reviews, I understand that this film has many historical errors.
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