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February 23, 2008
Cheesy but very entertaining. Long live DARK MATTER MAN!
January 23, 2008
Hahaha! Funny movie! DARK MATTER MAN FOREVER!
½ January 4, 2008
This movie was so bad from the beginning that I couldn't finish watching it. Baldwin is not known for his great acting, but in this movie he seems to have taken an extra dose of valium that comes across the screen and affects the viewers too. Very nice techie stuff, including the "dark matter" and the freak accident by Baldwin, but overall, not worth your time

½ December 11, 2007
Y porque no le puedo poner cero estrellas... qué cosa más horrible, y qué risa... Stephen Baldwin, dios, qué crack de la mediocridad :D Pobre hombre...
October 30, 2007
Bland sci-fi movie, the special effects are fair, but it has a cheap low budget look to it. The acting is nothing special. Unimpressive.
October 28, 2007
Lazy acting from Stephen Baldwin, lacklustre plot, and William B. Davis! I correctly guessed this was filmed near Vancouver.
½ October 19, 2007
you cant put suck on a scale
September 20, 2007
I saw half of it on TV, and I NEED to see the rest. Admittedly, the special effects were lacking, but the story was really good I thought. Mmmm, Physical Science class has taken its toll on me, hasn't it.
August 12, 2007
LOL ! Sometimes a B movie can be refreshing :P
½ August 8, 2007
HORRIBLE. If for one millisecond you might actually consider watching this movie, I BEG you to think otherwise. I couldn't finish it. Normally the Sci-Fi Channel originals are bad, but this... this is just a whole new level of mental agony.
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