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½ July 8, 2017
Terrible movie. Director Balagueró earns credit for visual style during some of the film's more creepy moments, but whether it be a side-effect of studio editing or a weak screenplay, this film is dull, predictable, generally unscary and features lackluster performances from its cast, with an ending that answers no questions and feels very unrewarding.
July 18, 2016
It's not about fear, it's all about atmosphere and....darkness.
A good story, with a strong climax and a solid acting around.
A must see!
½ May 29, 2016
Probably the most underrated horror film, in movie history. Yes, some ideas are recicled, but atmosphere and dread slowly build up to an outstanding twist and ending, that gives the film, as a whole, a sense and a message, so disturbing, repulsion is a logical reaction to the film itself. A movie I will never cease to vindicate, and the promise of great things to come to Jaume Balagueró (REC), despite the - oddly - overrated "The Nameless", his debut film. "Darkness" has a great cast (Anna Paquin, Lena Olin, Giancarlo Giannini) and I will never understand why this film has been panned so much, despite its minor flaws.
November 22, 2015
Yet another haunted house movie. This one was bad, the plot was poorly explained and in general it was pretty boring. Geena Davis couldn't save this film from mediocrity.
½ June 10, 2015
Boring and predictable
½ May 7, 2015
Una de las películas más malas que haya visto!
½ February 19, 2015
The pacing of the editing during the the actual 'horror' sequences is fairly strong, pretty much everything else is abysmal - particularly the performances.
September 14, 2014
Pros and cons of Balaguerò in a utopian Spanish horror
August 10, 2014
arrrggghhhh ahhhhhhh :(
½ July 27, 2014
i've seen creppier blocks of cheese
½ July 20, 2014
Even Anna Paquin couldn't keep me awake. ð~´
July 9, 2014
Nothing was even happening in this damn movie!
½ May 2, 2014
Why all the hate? It's mostly generic, sure, but also pretty effective. I dunno, I've been stuck in a rut of struggling to get scared recently, but this one kicked me right out of it. Much like the much more recent "The Conjuring", it's got a god awful script, but is saved by a great director who knows how to freak the fuck out. A strong start for Balaguero, who'd go on to make some legendary films.

If you haven't seen "Rec".....well, get the fuck on that 5 minutes ago.
½ March 12, 2014
Contender for one of the worst, and least scary horror movies of all time. Really not much to say here, it's bland, forgettable and by halfway through I struggled to remember what happened at the start. Give it a miss and save 1 hour 40 of your life.
½ March 2, 2014
Pointless. Obvious that more thought went into the style and special effects then the actual story or dialogue, or performances at that matter.
½ February 16, 2014
It just drags on and on and on with nothing to keep the viewer in place.
½ November 27, 2013
The movie degenerates into a hopeless mass of mumbo-jumbo, silliness, and incoherence.
½ August 25, 2013
Well. An hour and a half in I have no interest in anything that has happened, or anything that will happen, and I'm turning it off. When Anna Paquin is the most convincing actor in a movie you know that it's bad. And it was another one that TV Guide even said in the description how bad it was. I should start taking their word for it. But. Y'know. If you like watching people sit around in the dark with shaky cameras and flickering lights and spouting off their motives in cliche movie villain tradition, knock yourself out.
½ May 19, 2013
130519: Great film except the ending. Too bad. Had me pretty jumpy through-out.
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