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January 26, 2008
if you like this genre of movies, u will be satisfied with darkwolf. there is lots of action, suspense, and blood.
½ November 29, 2007
Nakne og hysteriske kvinner i kroppsmaling har aldri vært min greie. Særlig ikke når det er en grufull varulv etter dem! Men allikevel, anbefaler alle å se denne, særlig den scenen hvor varulven bryter seg inn på politikontoret :D
November 1, 2007
Not interested. I generally avoid horror movies.
October 14, 2007
This is fantastic! It is really one of those times when a movie is so bad it's a must to watch it. The werewolf is actually a modified gorilla suit (cost 90.000 dollars to modify according to "the making of") and it comes out looking like a cross between ALF and a chimpanzee. This hilarious villain coupled with lots of random, story detatched nudity makes this a must see-and-ridicule!
September 30, 2007
Another Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger takes it off in this crap-fest of a horror flick.
½ September 22, 2007
A low-budget werewolf horror with a story different from the usual unfortunate man/woman gets bitten and then on a full moon goes chomping on the locals. In this film we've got a werewolf who needs to mate with a certain woman, and only a cop who can stop it. The script isn't great and the special effects vary from the CGI transformation sequences which look like they've been ripped from a computer game to the usual bloke in a suit.
July 16, 2007
Darkwolf, a half-breed hybrid werewolf, is terrorizing the streets of L.A. with evil plans to take over the world. Following on the bloody trail is strong yet sensitive L.A.P.D. detective Steve Turley (Ryan Alosio). Steve is part of a special inves...
June 26, 2007
Kane Hodder nude! OH! MY HAPPY PLACE!!!!
½ June 16, 2007
the worst movie I own!
½ June 14, 2007
The best film ever. Period. Forget Apocalypse Now, Citizen Kane and all those other boring films with subtitles and plots and characterisation. They don't even have werewolves in them. This is the bomb! Shamon!
June 13, 2007
Best wolf on wolf action in a long time
June 3, 2007
this film is AWESOME in its own absolutely awful way!!! it just HAS to be seen to be believed :) it's like soft porn...the lesbian scene is cooooooolies! :)
½ June 3, 2007
The only reason to watch this movie if you are guy is because of a lesbian nude sex scene between Sasha Williams & Andrea Bogart. And if Sasha's name sounds familer, its because she was the Yellow Power Ranger on Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue.
½ February 19, 2007
jesus fucking christ my bloody eyes! its so bad you almost go numb to the pain...BUT NOT ENOUGH!!! itws horrid fucking christ jesus kane hodder...why do i see you in this shit?! were you that depret for money after you found out you werent doing freddy vs jason?! good god i would of paid you NOT to of done this shit....not even the nude chicks in this movie could save it! AH BAD CGI ALSO LOOK OUT!!! horrid...
January 8, 2007
THE BEST D*** RATED R MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN.....if you into pornographic/bloody movies
February 7, 2006
Please stop using werewolves as an excuse to make soft core porn....we don't like it....
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