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½ October 24, 2012
Poxa. Vou me dar uma trégua nessa resenha.
1. Filme Alemão.
2. COm legendas em Espanhol.
3. Cansado de andar+trabalho

Como diria: Dois altos.
May 11, 2009
Great fun. With an amazing Juergen Vogel - as usual.
April 14, 2008
its a very good movie, jürgen vogel and christiane paul and lots of other brilliant german actors participating. really worth watching it.
January 3, 2008
Weirdly excellent. Becker's later work (including Goodbye Lenin) and the other things from his gang (at Tom Tykwer's studio) are all excellent, and there's a brilliant bit of self-reference between this film and Lenin (look out for the chicken!) It really made me want to get everything that team have made.

Please, please, get it released on DVD with English subtitles! I've only seen it thanks to a TV screening once.
December 28, 2007
Ich hab' es genossen. Ist zu lange her als ich es aber gesehen hab'.
November 28, 2007
I enjoyed how it started, but I slowly lost interest in the characters. I enjoy a character driven piece, but...something just didn't click for me. There were some beautiful moments, very funny in places; but its ending left me unfulfilled.
November 21, 2007
used to be one of my favorite movies, though i haven't seen it in a long time.
November 15, 2007
Jürgen Vogel zeigt hier was er kann. Einer dieser Filme, die einen wie die Faust aufs Auge treffen, aber dennoch Hoffnung einflösen, dass es in dieser Welt die Liebe zu finden gibt.
½ November 15, 2007
it´s ok, but is not a must.
October 24, 2007
Purely subjective, but all the same...The GREATEST ROMANTIC COMEDY EVER. Mind you it's a German comedy, which involves lots of black humor and wry observation, but immensely enjoyable.
September 26, 2007
I enjoyed this movie throughly, it is subtitled in german, this movie is tremendous, watch and enjoy
½ September 7, 2007
This is a wonderful film from Wolgang Becker who went on to direct the more comercially successful "Goodbye Leningrad". Curious for having Ricky Tomlinson dubbed into German and then subtitled into English!I really recommend watching this if you ever get the chance. You may be pleasantly surprised.
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