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½ March 5, 2016
"Das Boot" is a one-of-a-kind historical (with a little few inaccuracies) film featuring a great plot about a German U-boat crew during the Second World War, awesome direction by Wolfgang Petersen, intense moments, & neat (rather accurate) settings. The acting (English dubbed by the original German cast) was okay, although it was a little corny from some characters. Nevertheless, "Das Boot" is quite an entertaining film that would be rather appealing to historians & is one of the best war films, too.
½ March 2, 2016
This movie simply gets everything right, it's one of, if not the most unglorifying film of war that has ever hit the screens, along with Downfall. The only downside it has is its dubbed over English when subtitles would have been better (although we get to focus more on the filming than reading) and the massively long running time, 3:20+ which is great for the story and film in a way, but go on for so long that there's little time in life to sit down and watch it. However on to the movie itself. It so bleak and truthful, shows just how horrifying and confined it is to spend such time underwater, in such a machine. The scenes where they lay in wait silently and dreadfully, as the death charges fall down toward them, and the concussion they cause. Everything is so surreal, how painfully tense it is as they and raise their stricken boat from the bottom of the sea, running out of oxygen, filling with water, nothing functioning, and without sufficient compressed air to blow themselves to the surface. For the most part it's a long bleak, crazy story, goes into every detail, and it looks so real. But then scenes like the sinking of the transport and the sea on fire full of sailors, just filmed to perfection, intense yet calm. The acting and script are second to none, the submariners could have well been really there and we would have never known. The ending has us sad for the crew and sub itself as after surviving such an encounter the allied aerial superiority ends the suds journey and the lives of many of the crew, including the lover captain. U-571 has nothing on this movie at all, it's just made up American propaganda, a small band of heroes against the German navy. Only downsides is the overly long running time, dubbing over, as that's all.
½ January 25, 2016
Attention to detail along with first hand claustrophobia.
½ January 11, 2016
One of the finest war films ever made and certainly the best submarine motion picture about. This is gripping, tense and claustrophobic. Doesn't even feel too long. No need to make another sub film, it's all here. Superb and no idea why its taken me so long to get round to watching this. Lived up to the hype and more.
November 25, 2015
The entire Gibraltar sequence is worth watching for that alone. One of the best movies of all time regardless of genre, easily the best submarine movie ever made.
November 1, 2015
War movies are in no short supply, but rarely has one ever been so dark, bleak and unbelievably powerful. Das Boot combines shockingly real performances, authentic sets, dynamic camera work, spare but hard-hitting dialogue and scenes of such extreme tension and ferocity that it's impossible not to be on the edge of your seat throughout. The film contains the best use of slow, quiet moments for building suspense that I've ever seen. Between the barrage of bombs and aerial assaults, our characters crowd together in their hot, sweaty metal box, looking fearful and apprehensive, and I found myself genuinely fearing for their lives. The movie is primarily about 2 things: Monotony and madness. We witness the insanity and frantic sting of battle, and in between conflicts we have our heroes at the mercy of ennui, sitting around and praying for action. They find themselves actually longing for situations where their lives are on the line, and with the atmosphere of claustrophobia the movie captures with its tight sets and close proximity of the actors, we can actually understand why. The characters can only do nothing or do everything, and the heavy toll this takes on them is beautifully captured through their deteriorating appearances and weary expressions. Das Boot is deservedly referred to as a masterpiece, and stands as one of the most brutal and hard-hitting films ever created. If you can manage to find the director's cut, which runs close to 3.5 hours, it may try your patience at times, but it will be a frankly unforgettable experience.
October 26, 2015
One of the most realistic, raw, war films yet.
October 23, 2015
It's the best movie ever made....
October 15, 2015
Masterpiece. There's a version for everyone. Try the short version if you're more of an action viewer. Do the Director's cut if you want a deeper sense of the characters. And the mini-series will give you even more detail. Whichever version you try, you will be remembering this film long after you've watched it.
September 19, 2015
Emocionante drama de la WW2 que reproduce sin exagerar el como la camaraderia y la valentia estuvieron por ser superados por la incertidumbre y el miedo a la muerte.A destacar el score.A las poco mas de 3 horas de metraje no les sobra ni falta nada
½ September 16, 2015
Riveting first-rate production of German U-Boat on patrol during WWII that seems to capture the mood, tension and events just right. Somewhat strange that you begin to root for our WWII enemies, made possible by the crew lacking in Nazi ideology.
½ August 15, 2015
Epic ,Claustrophobic . Heroic and ultimately Exhilarating , Das Boot is one of The Greatest War Films ever committed to Celluloid
½ August 12, 2015
3 and a half hours in a German submarine? Does that sound boring? Well its defiantly far from that as its thrilling to a part of exhaustion. Excellent all the way around in all the sweet spots. Check it out you won't be disappointed
August 2, 2015
Interesting thoughts about life aboard a U Boat.,
½ July 28, 2015
Breathtaking, gripping, and brilliant, Das Boot is a very well crafted and authentic war film!
July 27, 2015
"Das Boot" is the "Lawrence of Arabia" of the seas. A stunning masterpiece that can only be experienced and not adequately described, sprawling with ambition and realism. The Captain is one of the simplest yet most enigmatic and strongest characters to emerge from cinema. The empathy extended towards German sailors is provocative. The cinematography is stunning. The pace is intentionally and torturously slow. The tension is palpable. The concerns pragmatic. And the ending utter brilliance. Behind only "The Thin Red Line" and "Saving Private Ryan" this might be the third finest war film ever produced. This movie has left me shell-shocked, it's harrowing thematic thread of the all encompassing harsh realities of wartime survival powerfully and profoundly portrayed. A must-see at least once in a lifetime.
Also, mega-kudos for the decision to go with German actors speaking German. A bold decision that pays off dividends for authenticity.
June 30, 2015
Wolfgang Petersen's masterpiece. Long & claustrophobic. The Director's Cut is 3 & 1/2 hours long while the Uncut Version is just under 5 hours. One of the grittiest, most realistic War films of all time. Get comfy.
June 29, 2015
To experience the claustrophobia of U-boat warfare, lock yourself in a small metal cupboard with a few smelly friends and get another friend to lob high-explosives in your general direction for, ooh, say a tour of several months. While under perpetual threat of sudden inundation and/or implosion. If that seems a bit too much like hard work, settle down with a copy of Wolfgang Petersen's tense sub spectacular instead. Wait and watch as the crew of U-96 fight boredom and grow beards scouring the horizon for the next Allied convoy. Then start biting your nails. The most claustrophobic film on this list, charting the adventures of German U-boat U-96. A superbly crafted exercise in nerve-shredding tension, compelling characterization and the minutiae of submarine life. Spring for the director's cut. At 209 minutes it's a substantial time commitment, but the epic scope and lengthy running time isn't wasted on simplistic pictures, in fact it adds so much more development that every time a mortar rocks the men on the U-Boat, you're right there with them.
June 23, 2015
Solid submarine movie, though not a favorite of mine. I saw the director's cut, and it's just too long. Despite its run time and its time spent on character development, no one really stands out for me. Perhaps its a language problem, or perhaps it's because it fully embraces being an ensemble movie. Some very tense scenes, and it does seem to be have set the template for all other modern submarine movies.
June 15, 2015
Still captivates audience of any era with its gripping claustrophobic drama set onboard a WWII German war submarine as its ill-fated crew battles the Allies and the cruel forces of nature at sea.
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