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½ December 6, 2009
A tight & constant paced script was the highlight of the film. The use of chaos theory was good too. Too bad i had to see this in Hindi.

The pace of the film was too fast for my comfort and i believe this and average acting made a big dent in the overall experience of the movie.
November 27, 2009
Great movie with a great actor, it may seem confusing at first but it all makes as you go along with the film, which is always good. I would recommend this!
November 21, 2009
Umm... stealing from the poster of The Forgotten much?
October 22, 2009
E$xcellent, relevant movie.
October 12, 2009
wow wat a movie watch it in kalainger tv on deepaali 6pm
½ September 20, 2009
One of the best movie ever made in Tamil Cinema Industry!
½ August 27, 2009
July 19, 2009
The movie may have a twisted tale but the overall story is really good equating concepts of CHAOS theory (Science) with GOD . Phenomenal! I personally loved the first incident story about Lord Vishnu.

Kamal Hassan deserves kudos for superbly enacting 10 roles in perfect synchrony with the characters. Although , i must say the makeup is hoddy , u can recognize immediately (especially george w bush ) and i think there was no need for 10 different characters , the movie could shed some of the unimportant characters. Asin has acted well !But cant say the same about Mallika sherawat !
July 7, 2009
hmmmmm... good movie
July 4, 2009
Kamal Hassan's Masterpiece

Really Kamal is the Universal Hero. Top Class Movie equally to the Hollywood Style.
June 4, 2009
this is a gr8 movie to be watched...
May 13, 2009
kamalhassan film,ten different avators
½ May 3, 2009
a very confusing movie...if u have gone to the theatres then it is not worth the money at all
May 1, 2009
contrary to expectations, this movie turned out to be surprisingly well made masala potboiler... and kaml haasan has really put in efforts to make this movie.. and they show!
April 20, 2009
This film is impressive. although its been directed in the south indian style of film making it does not take away from the interesting story and screenplay of the film written by Dr. Kamal Hassan.
the HERO of the film without an iota of doubt is Dr. Kamal Hassan. what a performer. i think the only person who can come close to him in acting in India is Pankaj Kapoor.
Kamal Hassan performs the 10 characters superbly and so differently. and the 10 roles are not just there for the sake of it. if u think deeper u realise the essence of it.
and to compliment him is Asin who i think is really a beautiful actor too. she lights up the screen.
its mind boggling when 3 to 5 characters that Kamal Hassan is playing come together on the screen at the same time and space. i m sure it must have been tough to shoot those scenes considering the kind of make up that has gone into make those characters. which gets me to complimenting the make up artists. what a job. they made kamal hassan look like George Bush, a 90 year old lady, a Sardarji, an American CIA agent, a Bengali Cop, a tall Muslim, a dalit activist, a pandit & the japanese martial arts master. the rest of it was bought to life by Kamal Hassan. he made them funny, he made them intense, he made them thoughtful, he made them sad, he made them fight, he made them dance, he did it all.
the photography, editing and computer graphics are top notch.
the music by himesh - not great
definately a watchable film.
½ April 9, 2009
All in all a kamal show would hav been much better if kamal had took up direction too but surely would have been a flop as in case of good movies like anbe sivam etc.
November 24, 2008
world record movie...nice n super did by kamal...
October 20, 2008
I was pretty disappointed with this. I was expecting a much better film. The plot was reasonably interesting but I didn't see the need for KH to play all those roles. I think after Indian, he probably got hooked on the whole makeup thing. Maybe he should team up with Eddie Murphy. I shudder to think of the end product!

The highlights of the film were the name of the production house 'Aaskaar films' (haha!) and some of the lame dialogue. I can see why it's a hit though - good movies are generally never hits in India.

But seriously I don't see the big deal about this make up thing.. it looked awful - like botox overdose on an elephant's skin. Why Kamal why? And in all my years in Asia, I have never seen a Japanese man (or Chinese for that matter) look like that!

Oh Kamal.. sigh.. I expected so much better.
October 5, 2008
Okay, Kamal Hassan didn't need to play the 10 characters; but if it were for the record's sake, fine enough. The movie is huge, budgetwise, lengthwise, plotwise - a joyride all the way. Acting-wise Kamal was brilliant as the Police guy and the Dalit guy, and makeup of Bush and the villain were good. Was sad to watch Mallika die before interval though. And Asin, as usual, was beautiful :)
½ September 11, 2008
Extremely interesting tamil movie
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