David Reviews

May 3, 2017
David is honest and relatable, and ultimately triggers a response of tolerance and compassion.
January 31, 2012
Overall effect is a sensitive film with particular appeal to younger audiences.
November 17, 2011
Schematic but smart, and especially interesting in its telling details, as when Daud's bedside alarm clock goes off: Instead of music or a buzz or beep, we hear a muezzin's call to morning prayer.
September 5, 2011
A spiritual masterwork about the friendship between a Muslim and a Jewish boy and the ways in which it brings unexpected changes into their lives and faith perspectives.
August 30, 2011
First feature for director/co-scenarist Joel Fendelman is a middleweight drama that wears its modesty to its advantage, lending a potentially contrived tale a solid grounding in docu-style location capture and the protag's naive p.o.v.