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May 18, 2013
After terrific, crazy & excellent Shaitan & Rush(MTV Series), I was expecting more from Bejoy Nambiar but sadly he disappoints in David which is just impressive in parts & nothing else.

Instead of making 3 intertwined stories with pathetic editing, under developed characters & bleak connection between them; Nambiar could have just focused on Neil Nitin Mukesh's story & convert into one hell of cool retro gangster mafia war. It was only one relevant story of all the three.

Though cinematography & music were great.
April 23, 2013
Boring but got slightly interesting at the end.
½ February 21, 2013
Truck Loads of Background Music & Stylized Direction to the movie makes it more than worth a watch!

This is my first movie of 2013. I had planned to stay away from those big releases like Race 2 after watching the trailers itself.Anyway, David is really high on style and personally, I loved that aspect of the movie. The background music gave a good flow to the movie. Out of those three stories, Neil's story was far more on the action and drama side. It was pretty intriguing too!Even though I watched the Hindi version, I'd heard a lot about Vikram. His acting was really good and his story line was more on the comical side. He acted really well as a drunk fisherman. Though, I feel his story angle was a little weak. May be it could've been written better. Over all, the story was decent but the performances and direction were brilliant.I loved the music too! Damadam mast kalandar was mixed nicely. Background music was awesome.All of them looked pretty apt for their characters and fitted very well in their shoes. A special mention would be Neil's dad(Iqbal Ghani) in the movie. What intensity in his acting! The guitar guy's acting was also decent. Personally, I didn't like the fact that the guitarist David turned into a father(church) in the end. I thought that was a little dumb.The movie might not be perfect and yes, it does have some flaws but the director is high on talent and gets creative stuff on the screen.This is a very different kind of a cinema, far far away from those 'typical' movies. Bejoy Nambiar has experimented really well. The story had a few weak holes but the best part of the movie was it's direction and performances.
February 12, 2013
½ February 10, 2013
magnificent morality tale
February 8, 2013
The connection of the three stories could have been better. Also, the editing portion, specially in the second half should have looked upon. But Nambiar's direction is superb which makes this movie worth a watch.
½ February 8, 2013
I dont know what vikram character is trying to say. Somewhat director tried a new tale. Main thing music has not did part in this movie.
½ February 7, 2013
Vikram's story was pretty pakau.. Rest was tolerable comparatively!!!
½ February 5, 2013
Brilliant Films like this dont work!!..i seriously dont know why!!..the far stretched 2nd half pulls the film down a bit..Niel Nitin's story has the best plot & role among the 3..Vikram (also producer) has surprisingly the weakest...overall its worth a watch..
½ February 3, 2013
This movie and script was written when the crew was drunk..... half the time I had no idea where they were heading..... Tabu was marvelous. And the mast kalandar song remake was a treat as well....
½ February 2, 2013
Bejoy Nambiar starts from where he left with 'Shaitaan', 'David' impressive screenplay with good writing and feel good performances.
½ February 2, 2013
Seldom come movies which redefine film making. And rarely come those which deliver an experience worth remembering. DAVID one such attempt by Bijoy Nambiar which checks the right points. If Shaitaan was any indication, Nambiar is the one to watch out for. DAVID is an amalgamation of parallels getting connected at junctures which are well and truly milestones in the storyline. All actors perform marvellously to weave a magic out of a brilliant concept. Its asks you to use your imagination..your vision..your understanding of finer details and take you on a journey of highs and lows of individuals having a knack of writing their own destinies!! Its a must watch for one who appreciates raw cinema which doesnt have a khan or an item number to boast of.
½ February 1, 2013
Great flick...neil nitin simply awesum....3 cheers for bejoy for being a trendsetter n different..
February 1, 2013
David a splendid dark cult classic, not for usual movie goers.
February 1, 2013
Incredibly shot,lot of retro styling,grand visuals,but an average unorthodox narrative...
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