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The Day of the Jackal Quotes

  • Interrogator: You're being very foolish, Victor. You know yourself, they always talk in the end. You've seen it with your own two eyes in... where was it, Indochina? And Algeria, of course. Why don't you tell us what they're waiting for in that hotel, eh? Rodin, Montclair, Casson: what are they planning, who have they been meeting? Nobody? Not a soul, hmm? Then where were they before they went to Rome, eh? Tell us, Victor.

  • Gunsmith: Over what range will you fire?
    "The Jackal": I'm not sure yet but probably not more than 400 feet
    Gunsmith: Will the gentleman be moving?
    "The Jackal": Stationary.
    Gunsmith: Will you go for a head shot or a chest shot?
    "The Jackal": Probably head.
    Gunsmith: What about the chance of a second shot?
    "The Jackal": Well I might get the chance but I doubt it. In any event I'll need a silencer to escape.
    Gunsmith: In that case you'd better have explosive bullets. I can prepare a handful along with the gun.
    "The Jackal": Glycerin or mercury?
    Gunsmith: Oh mercury... much cleaner.

  • The Minister: There is one thing: how did you know whose telephone to tap?
    Lebel: I didn't, so I tapped all of them.

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