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The true story of how two former child actors and a pair of struggling musicians got hired to appear on a TV series -- and became one of the biggest rock groups of the 1960s in the process -- is recounted in this made-for-cable feature. When a TV producer got the idea of taking the premise of A Hard Day's Night and turning it into a situation comedy, he hired Mickey Dolenz (Aaron Lohr), Davy Jones (George Stanchev), Mike Nesmith (Jeff Geddis), and Peter Tork (L.B. Fisher) to play the non-existent pop group The Monkees. When the TV show became an overnight smash, the "band" found themselves touring behind a string of hit singles. Soon the band found themselves in a battle with producers and TV executives to play their own music and control their own creative destiny. Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story also features Wallace Langham as music industry mogul (and later TV show host) Don Kirschner.
Drama , Musical & Performing Arts , Television
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Pebblenut Productions

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L.B. Fisher
as Peter Tork
Jeff Geddis
as Mike Nesmith
Aaron Lohr
as Micky Dolenz
George Stanchev
as Davy Jones
Colin Ferguson
as Van Foreman
Wallace Langham
as Don Kirshner
Edward Glen
as Producer
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I was a giant fan of The Monkees when I was a kid, so this movie was very close to my heart. I thought that they did a great job finding four guys who resembled them so well. This movie had a really good balance between the whimsical side of the group we know from the TV show, and the behind the scene struggles concerning creative control over their music. I felt like I was really watching the Monkees in concert whenever they hit the stage, because I was sooo enjoying hearing the songs again. I loved the feel-good ending too, which made their roller coaster ride of a journey pay off with honest sentiment. Very decent job done here, in my opinion.

Cynthia S.
Cynthia S.

Super Reviewer

Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story gave me more than I expected, but then again I wasn't expecting much in the first place. It's a fairly shallow experience that doesn't give you too much new on the background of the Monkees television show, but what it does do it does well. Luckily. Daydream Believers is the reanactment of the story of the Monkees, starting with the creation of the television show to the breakout success of the show and the start of Monkeemania and ending at their inevitable downfall after the release of their only big screen outing "Head". Really, that's it. The unfortunate part of this reinterpretation is the lack of new information. In a movie like this, I'm looking for new facts that I didn't know before heading into the movie. The problem was I left only shaking my head because of the sugarcoated nature of the film. We never get a true look into the members' relationships with each other and any arguements that occur are quickly mended and forgotten, so somehow there's no character development in characters based off of real people. The character that receives, in my opinion, the most character development is probably Peter and Mike who seem to gain the most attention in this movie, but it's minimal. The extreme contrast of the actors speaking voices and the dubbed over singing borders on the Beatles Cartoon show levels, being to the point of laughability. However, the one praise I can lend to this movie is the casting. The actors they picked to play the Monkees do their job very well and while are not perfect, they resemble their real life counterparts. As well as they do perfect the one thing that a movie with the Monkees' antics in it needs: Hilarity. I had just as much fun if not more fun watching these four romp around and act silly as I did watching the original television show. Yeah, I said it. While I had fun watching it, I still ended the film feeling melancholy. Maybe it's because of the sugarcoated ending that made the whole history of the Monkees seem so happy and pleasant or maybe the still lingering memory of Davy Jones' death three months ago. I don't know. Either way, if you're a Monkees fan like I am, you may enjoy this. Those looking to get into the Monkees shouldn't use this as their first impression. Watch the real Monkees television show, or better yet listen to their music. (Real Rating: 62%)

Catherine Sumida
Catherine Sumida

Many bio-pics have an unusual fall-off point for viewer satisfaction depending on how big a fan of the subject the viewer is. A moderate fan can accept historical inacuracies or dramatic licence without even noticing, but a devouted fan will bristle at ever departure from real history. That's my problem with Daydream Believer. It does a good job taking the truly dramatic and twist-filled saga of The Monkees and condencing it into a standard formula flick, that formula is astoundingly different from reality on many occasions. Some of these discrepencies are nitpicky little things (like Mockey going to the public Monkees try outs when he actually had a private audition) but the oh-so-fake happy ending is far too much to forgive. Still, the cast does a good job capturing the spirit of the real Monkees, and the soundtrack is an obvious winner. There are much better sources to go to if you want the real story of The Monkees, but as pure entertainment, Daydream Believer is okay.

Simon Ladd
Simon Ladd

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