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May 20, 2016
Great movie set in Louisville, goofy and fun. Everything you could ask for of a Friday night flick
September 20, 2012
If you have a high tolerance for poor film-making and headache-inducing annoyance, give it a shot...if not, just stay away from this one....
August 28, 2010
do you like crap?
then this is Your film!
½ August 24, 2010
I can't believe I sat threw the whole thing? Geez.
½ November 30, 2009 least it had a chick on chick makeout scene...other than that, maximum doot.
March 1, 2009
Terrible- but taking into consideration the major restrictions of low budget filmmaking, it was creative (in terms of special effects, not necessarily plot) and entertaining. Just make sure you watch it with someone who can laugh at it with you. And STAY AWAY from the so-called "blooper reel".
½ March 1, 2009
Excessively low-budget, like it was shot with a camcorder. They could have worked it with better dialog and more even acting, but that's not what happened.
February 9, 2009
With a budget of less than $25,000, they did a good job. It still doesn't make it a good movie. The acting and camera work were particularly... annoying. And the ending?... it's like they didn't know where to go, so they just flipped a coin and did something. The cover art for the movie is decent. It has a slight Army of Darkness-vibe. Just don't judge this movie by its cover.
½ November 28, 2008
Dead Moon Rising tries so hard to be a big scale Zombie movie, equipped with mass amounts of people in make-up and a unique story to boot, but if I can visibly tell that this film was made for so little, it almost throws me out of it, which is a shame. Dead Moon Rising had such a unique story to it and a way of telling a mass zombie takeover that you stick with it. Even some of the jokes are fun and incited a few giggles from me, but just watching it made me cringe. Hopefully, if they do follow through with a supposed sequel, they will up the budget a little because it doesn't cost any money to be imaginative. The filmmakers have already proven they know how to craft a story. They just need to focus on getting that story on film without it looking so god damn awful.
October 7, 2008
I met the director of this film, and got a chance to sit down and discuss this film at great length. This movie had a lot, with semi-unique characters, a lesbian scene, and some hard action, all on a budget of under $25,000. Impressive on some levels, but there are some parts that could have been upped a bit. Overall, it was awesome to view a zombie film that took place and was filmed not far from where I live.
September 29, 2008
Check it out if you can't get enough of the zombies and comedy formula, but think twice if you've gotten sick of that pairing.
September 6, 2008
Okay this is low budget. But it is low budget and funny. These guys spent some serious time watching Sam Raimi and George Romero and I love em for it. Cheesy stupid lines, cliche plot twists, and entire sections of movie where people are running around and doing stuff for no apparent reason. Watched it with a friend the other night and it was a 90 minute laugh fest. Set your sights low, turn up your guffaw meter, and enjoy some true well intended crap on film!
½ August 15, 2008
There is a movie called Intercessor: Another Rock'n'Roll Nightmare which I had to turn off after twenty or thirty minutes. It was so bad -- so poorly made, so poorly acted, so poorly written -- that it was painful to watch. I love bad horror movies, and I could not stand that film.

Dead Moon Rising is one of those kinds of movies. The DVD began skipping about half an hour into the movie, but I wasn't upset at all because I was not enjoying the movie.
It would be wrong of me to say that the movie is bad just because of the video quality. I thought that Filthy McNastier was hilarious, despite the fact that it may have been shot on a home camcorder.

No, Dead Moon Rising is just.. bad. The characters are boring, one of the characters narrates the film and steps out of the action every once in a while to speak directly to the camera, the dialogue is dull, the action is stupid, the "zombies" are just people lumbering around pretending to be monkeys.
It's not laughable: it's just bad.
Even after the idea that the world has succumbed to some kind of weird zombie plague, the first fifteen minutes of the movie are about three idiots hanging around in a car rental shop.

It's probably unfair to rate a movie without seeing it all, but I can't imagine that there's anything in the final hour of Dead Moon Rising that would make it worth watching.
Do not trust the picture on the DVD case, it's very misleading.
½ July 29, 2008
Time could be spent better doing other stuff
½ July 1, 2008
this is the worst movie i've ever seen
June 28, 2008
sure many "zombies"...but it's not what i thought and not even funny.
June 10, 2008
A mysterious disease overtakes the world, and the infected develop a hankering for human flesh. Jim and his fellow Cheapskate Car Rental clerks are oblivious to the changes going on right outside
½ May 8, 2008
one of the worst movies i've seen in a long time ... makes blair witch project look like a oscar winner ... its not even funny or well produced ... what were they thinking?.. production value is next to home video quality... not even worth the DVD rental ... half star is way too much to give...
½ April 26, 2008
Looked like it was filmed on a camcorder
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