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½ December 24, 2017
Surprisingly effective and brutal spinoff, especially for such a cheaply animated film. It's tense, gory and filled with action. It makes me want to play the games.
January 1, 2017
Great = 4/5

As a loving Dead Space fan myself, (I'll admit I'm being a little biased) I loved this movie. Provides a perfect prequel story to the events leading up to the first game. And also surprisingly enough contains a likable and cool protagonist as well. Dead Space: Downfall is nothing short of terrifying, gory, disturbing, and absolutely entertaining with it's well written and interesting sci-fi story telling.
½ November 25, 2016
Dobbs (Jeff Bennett): There's a lot of blood in this room, but no bodies.
Shen (Kelly Hu): Sounds like one of your parties.
Dobbs (Jeff Bennett): Or your sex life!

God, as much as I love anime/animated films, it's pains me to admit that this animated "film" was a PoS. The voice-acting was mediocre, the dialogue was incredibly laughable. I've seen better acting on Saturday morning cartoons. With the exception of Dr. Kyne (voiced by Keith Szarabajka) all the other characters made stupid choices and lame generic stereotypes, especially the protagonist Alissa Vincent (voiced by Nika Futterman). This movie was a waste of time, don't even bother, save you're hour and thirteen minutes for something more worthwhile.
½ March 14, 2015
Excellent prequel tale, characters and fan service. Voice acting and animation sometimes clash and seem awkward but the art style is as bloody and darkly futuristic as you'd expect from the franchise.
February 9, 2015
Basically, this movie is as good as it possibly could be.
If there's one thing that Dead Space does well it's killing almost every character until it's just left with one. Stuck with that feeling of helplessness and despair. Of course that leaves very little character development or chemistry to be made.
Although the animation is an odd choice, it fits in very well with the Dead Space universe. Allowing as much blood and guts to be in a cartoon as possible.
This movie is recommended only for fans of the video game series of the same name. Otherwise, you won't be in for any particular treat.
November 12, 2014
Much better than the 2nd film. Still not great. The steam of profanity makes the film hillarious rather than add to the serious tone of the film.
October 12, 2014
Why can't ancient ruins just bring happiness to the universe instead of death, destruction, and producing an army of undead corpses? I don't know, maybe it's their way of giving us living species the middle finger while saying "HA HA! Fooled you!" So Dead Space: Downfall is based off of the video game trilogy Dead Space (of course) where you play an engineer trying to fight off hordes of undead creatures in outer space while inside of a wrecked spaceship as you are trying to escape. I know something like this has been done before, a dozen times over, but they do some things differently where it makes it a hell of a lot better from the gameplay, to the settings, the jump scares, and even the plot itself which is pretty damn good. However I am not reviewing the video game today but instead the short animated film which takes place right before the events of the first Dead Space video game. In this film, it shows the entire crew of the USG Ishimura (lit. "Stone Village") discovering the ancient ruin known as The Marker of unknown origins which possesses unimaginable power. And when I mean "power" I mean the ability to make people see hallucinations, go absolutely ape-shit crazy, kill one another, and bring their corpses back from the dead to look like insectoid-looking zombies. Some power, huh?

The movie is pretty straight forward within the time frame that it has. Crew finds something, crew goes crazy, and crew fights space monsters in order to survive. Simple as that. You don't really get to know about any of the character's backstories other than the simple stuff like "I remember this one time..." and "When I use to be..." and other stuff that just becomes benign by the end of this movie. Voice acting is okay for the most part, however there are times where it feels like you can tell that the voice actors are reading from the script which sets me back a bit. The animation is pretty well done along with the violence and gore that goes with it which can be pretty bloody at times. You also have your group of cannon fodders, er...I mean security guards who are mostly the main protagonists of badasses who are in the thick of things trying to kill as many space zombies as they can. There is nothing really special within this group other than them shouting off a few one liners, cuss every now and then, and the less people that they have the smarter they get. Overall this is your standard horror flick with lots of blood, guts, & carnage that has an Easter egg or two from the video game. If you are a fan of the video game franchise then by all means watch it, otherwise it is your popcorn filler for the hour. Which is why I give this film three stars.
½ September 17, 2014
well it did it's made me wanna play the game ;)
February 21, 2014
Downfall tries to show us what happened in the lead up to the main game but just makes things worse.
A terrible script fill with plot holes and continuity errors like 'Plot device' in the area it was found in.
The acting is lifeless and generic in most cases, they seem to have been written with the purpose to fill the ship with as many unlike-able people as possible so we don't feel bad when they get killed.
I've seen better animation from a Saturday morning cartoon.
Avoid this and just play the original game
February 9, 2014
Great animated horror, if you didn't play the game, you won't get it. This is for die hard dead spacers only. Pussies are not welcome.
October 30, 2013
As a fan of the game series I was excited watching this animated film. The story was excellent and very gruesome.... Next up a sequel>> :)
½ October 26, 2013
good film, it was neat to see the events before dead space and it was ocasionally tense it couldve been done a little better though
½ August 3, 2013
Review coming soon...
August 1, 2013
This movie was great and a great addition to the Dead Space saga. Fills in many plot holes from the first game. The animation is a bit dated as compared to more modern anime, but as for something coming out of 2008 it's passable. All of the characters are not necessarily likeable, but they are interesting, something the other reviewers for this movie can't seem to grasp. Nor does it seem that either of the top reviewers have played any of the games either, so their reviews are best left ignored.
May 28, 2013
i thought it waas prett crazy. pretty much the most blood shed ive seen in an animated movie. unfortunatly there arnt many out there like this, i thinik most video games could be made into crazy animated movies instead of lame live animated ones. imagine bioshock
May 26, 2013
a movie that is based on the video game that didn't suck
½ May 1, 2013
The plot of "Dead Space: Downfall" might be familiar but there is enough that works to earn a recommendation. Science fiction fans will recognize the plot and likely be able to predict most of the events at least a few minutes in advance but there are some pleasant surprises in her, mostly the characters. Often in these animated films we get female protagonists that are tough and ready to go but always sneak in a sex scene (so the animators can have fun animating their bare breasts at the very least) and most of the time we get an obligatory scene where at the end the woman must be rescued by the love interest after she has tripped or run out of ammunition. In "Dead Space: Downfall" we get a strong female character that doesn't take crap from anybody and never turns into a "damsel in distress". Like any sane person would in this situation, she questions the questionable orders that she receives and flat out tells her superiors when she thinks what they're doing is stupid. At first you don't really like her because she's always yelling but as the movie progresses you really enjoy following "Alissa Vincent" and her security crew because they're competent protagonists that stick to their mission no matter what.

The side characters are also interesting to follow. "Shen" and the rookie of the group have some good back-and-forth banter, "Samuel Irons" is believable as a character that is a "Unitologist" but doesn't let his faith cloud his judgement and is a nice counterpart to the captain of the ship who quickly becomes unhinged and blinded by his faith. There is some good gore and the movie isn't afraid to show people getting disemboweled or killed by the creatures and in something you almost never see in animated horror films, there's actually some full frontal nudity in the shower scenes (though this isn't the sexy kind of nudity you'll be leering at, this is more of a praise for realism).

You'll have to understand that is a made-for-TV/Direct to home video animated film to enjoy it. The animation is decent but there are times where the characters are a bit off model or people receive injuries that don't quite match up with the way they are being attacked. The voice acting is about average and the written dialogue ranges to good and memorable to pretty bad ("I'm not a hero, just a man" will make you roll your eyes at least a little). There's no denying that this is familiar territory if you've seen any of the classic science fiction horror films but even if you have not played the "Dead Space" games, it's self-contained enough that you won't be lost watching it and you can have a good time with the movie without it ever blowing your mind with an original story. (Dvd, April 30, 2013)
April 7, 2013
Too bloody to be a kid's film, but only a child would be impressed by the amounts of blood in the movie. It's almost if it was trying too hard to make the audience flinch, but fails horribly.
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