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½ February 7, 2013
Too terrible to even bother watching, Dead Teenagers is a horror anthology that you will want to forget as soon as you've seen it. Comprised of the most unoriginal, boring, and stupid horror segments imaginable, Dead Teenagers may actually make you forget the film while you are watching it...
September 25, 2011
Shite really really shite. Yes its low budget and yes you can tell that they have used the same sets over and over again but theres so much more wrong with this. No blood for a start so gore hounds can avoid. The wraparound story is awfull and makes no sense at all. In fact the main problem with this movie is the stories are all shite and make no sense what so ever. The first one is really pathetic involving a hooded man and a scared chap, the pay off to this one is awfull. The next involving werewolves is bad purely because you dont see any werewolves! The next about a haunted house has a limp pay off.The last tale follows the ending of pretty much every 80s vampire movie out there and the only exciting thing in it is the cinema backdrop! Its poorly thought out and has no standalone tales. You expect some to be a bit poor in an anthology film but to have every story very drab and essentially very dull is not good at all. Even thou its on a slim line budget they could have invested better acting and story to make up for it. They did not and here remains this pretty frikking dire mess of a movie!
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