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April 17, 2020
The film is bitter but serene, tough but fragile. [Full Review in Spanish]
August 13, 2018
Huston's film is not flawless, but even its flaws are generous. The entire film is suffused with a sense of values vulnerable but not yet gone, of eloquence not yet disabled by irony.
August 23, 2017
Anjelica Huston is effective as a woman mourning a love lost.
July 18, 2014
The film is a masterpiece, both a worthy translation of James Joyce's story and a wonderful summation of John Huston's career.
April 15, 2012
A personal film for John Huston, starring daughter Anjelica and adapted to the screen by son Tony, this very last work evokes beautifully the mood and texture of James Joyce's lyrical story.
June 2, 2010
... a small masterpiece, a film of exquisite grace and understated power.
November 3, 2009
a finely polished jewel and a wonderful way to remember a great director.
November 2, 2009
What redeems Huston's last gasp is the observational framing and agile editing with which the Morkan sisters' soiree is captured.
June 22, 2008
One of cinema's best literary adaptations.
February 5, 2008
[A] deeply reverent, deeply affecting adaptation.
February 5, 2008
Entirely filmed in a Californian warehouse, The Dead features the greatest Irish cast ever assembled on screen.
February 5, 2008
Fine performances from everyone, and a self-effacing, enigmatic star turn from Anjelica Huston herself.
February 5, 2008
There's also a rather awesome and unpretentious directness as well as calmness about the way that Huston contemplates his own rapidly approaching death.
February 5, 2008
A well-crafted miniature, this dramatization of the Joyce story directly addresses the theme of how the 'shades' from 'that other world' can still live in those who still walk the earth.
February 25, 2007
January 26, 2006
A beguiling chamber piece.
November 17, 2005
A true labor of love -- a masterpiece, and perhaps the crowning achievement of a long, varied and highly celebrated career.
May 6, 2005
December 3, 2004
A haunting farewell for father John Huston, a powerhouse acting turn from daughter Anjelica.
August 28, 2004
The Dead celebrates the beauty of the English language, the challenges of marital love and the intimations of mortality which can bring us back to an exaltation of life.
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