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July 31, 2017
This movie maybe could have been a lot better with a more elaborated plot. The actors didn't really knew how to act. The script was horrible done. The plot was really non sense from the begining to the end. Please don't watch this movie. It's one of the worst movies ever made in the history of horror movies or in general.
August 25, 2012
A neglected gem, low budget jazz Kafka on the back streets of Chicago ...
June 5, 2012
This movie was a little hard to follow but it had lots of potential to be great, the characters in the diner were the most enjoyable. This movie is something you should watch when you are awake and stuck in the house for a week or two.
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July 18, 2011
Bought but not yet watched
May 3, 2011
i willy liked dis mov. der was diss guy who like couldnt sleep rite. he would b awake all nite so he would do walks around his block. hehe, ther wuz man slutz on his walk, dats how sweet it is. then, anthony anderson (or maybs it wuz anotha fat blackman) was getting bit buy a dawg. insomniac guy shot da dawg wit a gun that wuz in a cops pocket cause he was too stupid 2 do anything. hehe. ne-ways, dis guy ina wheelchair made dis hawt chick pick his suitcase off tha train trax but there was a turd rail, so she bent down and den he threw a buncha grape soda and den da turd rail zapped her so she kicked da bucket. hehe. stephen bladwin is a good acter, he made all the scenes seem like dey where action packed and interesting. dis is a great flik for anyone who likes great flix.
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April 14, 2011
This is the Dead Awake I should have sought out.
½ January 6, 2011
Edited to add: I want the hour and forty minutes I spent watching this movie back.
May 23, 2008
Awesome movie keeps you guessing the whole time
½ May 8, 2008
I was pleasantly surprised,for at first I thought it was a little slow out of the gate.However,Stephen Baldwin did a fine job with the male lead and the other characters fleshed out as it went along.With a twist or two in the plot,it kept my interest,had me invested in the exhausted and confused star executive's plight and left me smiling.
½ April 19, 2008
Despite a lot of seedy characters and resulting distasteful encounters, the movie itself was surprisingly good. It was well written and keeps one guessing until the very end!
½ December 19, 2007
Surprisingly good movie about an insomniac that thinks things through while sleeping with his eyes open. Every time I thought I had this one pinned, things changed. Wouldn't have normally watched, but tuned in while channel surfing, and glad I stayed...
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November 25, 2007
I watched 30 minutes of this movie on TV. Enough to wonder if it is worth seeing the whole thing.
November 10, 2007
Michael Ironside = Want to see it.
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