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½ June 10, 2015
In "Dead Cert," fearing a fixed race, Bill Davidson(Ian Hogg) and Alan York(Scott Antony) take the reins of their horses in a scheduled race. And then tragedy strikes when Bill is killed when his horse collapses on him during the race. Even after the inquest returns with a ruling of accidental death, Alan continues to claim that his friend was murdered. Which might not be such a smart idea, considering Alan is having an affair with Bill's widow Laura(Judi Dench).

To be honest, "Dead Cert" does not get off to a bad start, setting its central mystery into motion quickly and efficiently. But sadly, the mystery is not executed at all well, relying on a harebrained scheme to drive the shaky plot, nor really able to take advantage of the milieu the movie is set in. Plus, Scott Antony really is not much of a lead and Judi Dench is not yet Judi Dench. That leaves it to Julian Glover to make any kind of impression.
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