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January 6, 2016
Filmed in black and white this '95 acidic, spaghetti western is truly awesome. Absolutely loved it. This movie solidifies my statement that Jim Jarmusch is painfully underrated as a director.

This movie follows William Blake, a timid accountant from Cleveland, Ohio traveling west in hope to find a new job.

These supposed, "top critics" have silver, maybe even gold spoons shoved so far up their asses they cannot or will not admire the genius of Jarmusch.
Robert B.
Super Reviewer
September 30, 2015
Dead Man is not as cool as it wants to be but I have to admit I liked it. At times it is cheesy but at times the laid back, surreal vibe works. Also, I am a sucker for black-and-white photography. Better to not have high hopes when queueing this one, but rather sometime give it a try and perhaps be pleasantly surprised.
½ September 28, 2015
This could have easily been one of the best movies ever made. The whole movie is a real spectacle to watch, but unfortunately the end is not very satisfying.
September 22, 2015
Slow moving and a repetitive music track. But visually very interesting funny at times and very different
½ August 23, 2015
"Dead Man" is a mostly enjoyable, brilliantly dark western with excellent performances.
August 23, 2015
A surreal excursion into the west, this reminds us that Depp is an actor of some depth. Beautifully rendered in black & white with sterling and unforgettable performances by everyone involved (and wonderful late career appearance by Mitchum).
½ August 15, 2015
A very interesting film with some beautiful cinematography.
½ July 8, 2015
One of the best westerns that depicts the REAL WEST.
June 29, 2015
Jarmusch blends the macabre of a McCarthy novel, dark campy humour and an indelible magical realism, in this quirky monochrome Western. 8/10.
May 30, 2015
A wonderfully odd western highlighted by an amazing cast and a good soundtrack by Neil Young.
May 25, 2015
A well made, creative western. Dead Man is an excellent film without much else like it, the film style is beautiful and unique.
April 24, 2015
Darkly amusing at points, perhaps tries to hard to appear deep through the use of William Blake quotes and other dialogue. Meanwhile the plot meanders into nothing (or perhaps the plot was metaphorical/existential, but I doubted it as that just seemed too obvious to me).

The score is too intrusive and ruins moments that might be potentially thought provoking or moving. It actually becomes quite irritating by the end of the film and leaves you wondering who invited Jimmy Hendrix.

The cinematography is actually notable.

I would give it 2.5 stars but the onslaught of favorable cameos in the film deserve an extra .5 of a star. Iggy Pop in a Western - who would've thought?

Tinkers on the edge of a film that leaves me wanting that last two hours of my life back.
March 23, 2015
Droll, cynical, funny, shocking and a work of art. Dead Man resets the Western and freely tosses the cliches into the campfire. Jarmusch's most sustained masterwork...
February 28, 2015
Beautiful in every sense of the word. A must see for anyone who appreciates the art of cinema. Wonderful modern take on the western genre with superb acting by Johnny Depp
February 8, 2015
Beautiful atmosphere, full of poetry. Young's music is incredible and Jarmush shows once more how talented he is with black and white. A masterpiece
February 4, 2015
I still like more Sergio Leone and Sam Peckinpah (both are quoted in this movie, the first really explicitly: "My Name is Nobody" is a 1973 movie by Sergio Leone).
But this is not a bad movie at all. It took me a second view, to really appreciate it, to enter int the mood, and get some of the many subtleties and quotations it lists.
After the aforementioned, "It is a good day for a canoe trip" really reminds "It is a good day to die" (from The Little Big Man). One shot of a western porch, with Johnny Depp sitting, reminds the porch in the ending of "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" ... and, I wonder how many more quotations could be found, including some Carl Barks ("Land of the Totem Poles", featuring Donald Duck).
Not counting, of course, the innumerable references to the poet William Blake that, unfortunately, can't be understood by any one not native English speaking.
It seems that here Jim Jarmusch had collected everything from the western genre, and out from it, assembling many maybe not really new ideas, but in an impressive package. Actually, I do not see many new original idea, here, just a tasty and original assembly of good borrowed ones.
I know this movie has became a cult, as it happens to many movies by Jim Jarmusch (these "independend" moviemakers usualy develop a network of hardcore fans, no matter what they do), but I feel it is quite overrated. Nor, despite my efforts, I could see it as a "psychedelic western". It is a western, withouth adjectives.
However, and despite I keep to like more Sergio Leone, this is a heck of a very good western movie.
December 19, 2014
one of the best movies ever made.
November 24, 2014
Slow, anticlimactic, aimless. I like Neil Young as much as the next man, but the soundtrack was very annoying
October 30, 2014
A quality, strangely post-modern Western. The Indian characterisation is a highlight, as is the black and white cinematography, especially while on the run in the wilderness. Those scenes are almost replays of Down By Law. The ironic ending is excellent, too! The whole movie has a wistful quality, which doesn't strike me as being especially ambitious, but Depp's portrayal is nevertheless compelling and engaging.
October 22, 2014
It was dreamlike, and like a dream only began to really take form in those last wondrous moments before waking. Neil young's contribution was played out sometimes awkward sometimes brilliant but always graciously in stride with the storyline.
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