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Zombies rise up from a terrifying pit beneath a notorious mental asylum to do the bidding of the evil Dr. Ramzi, the crazed doctor who twenty years before was walled up alive in the crazy house after someone discovered his horrific experiments involving formaldehyde and illegal lobotomies. Following each experiment, the doctor would casually toss the dead victims into the pit. While his captor slowly bricks him up, Ramzi swears that he will have revenge. When enigmatic Jane Doe is admitted into the asylum for severe amnesia and she turns out to have amazing subconscious psychic power that wakens Ramzi from his hellish sleep, he gets his revenge. Jane and Ramzi seem to be psychically linked and he draws his power from her as he begins to resurrect his former victims. He then sends his small zombie army out into the hospital to find new recruits. Gory, creative killing occurs, for Ramzi's zombies are not only quick, they are also semi-intelligent. Now only Jane, the doctor who originally killed Ramzi, a psychotic demolitions expert and a lunatic zombified nun can stop them.
Directed By:
Written By:
Cornerstone Production Company


Jeremy Slate
as Dr. Gerald Swan
Joan Bechtel
as Nurse Kygar
Randall Fontana
as Orderly Jimmy
Cheryl Lawson
as Jane Doe/Sara
Jack A. Sunseri
as Head Orderly Jimmy
Danny Gochnauer
as Dr. Colin Ramzi
Mara Everett
as Nurse Robbins
Steffan Gregory Foster
as Christian Myers
Frederick Dodge
as First Patient
Rorey Edelman
as Little Sara
Geha Gertz
as Sister Clair
Nettie Heffner
as Night Nurse
Michael Jacobs Jr.
as Bud Higgins
Luana Speelman
as Day Nurse
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Recommended only to viewers with blood alcohol concentrations well above the legal driving limit.

Full Review… | October 23, 2007
Projection Booth

The old VHS case used to have blinky lights on it ... and was therefore a lot more entertaining than the flick.

July 26, 2002

I know it's not a great movie. I know it's got terrible flaws, and a whole collection of genre cliches. But I never fail to enjoy it, any time I watch it.

Full Review… | October 30, 2001
Cold Fusion Video Reviews

Quote not available.

Full Review… | December 31, 1999
Arrow in the Head

Audience Reviews for The Dead Pit


strange lunatic asylum haunted zombie movie that really careens all over the map with little sense. Why would there be a satanic doctor looking for the cure to madness with a big barrel of formaldehyde? And the pit is more like a divot. Most of the movie comes off as a badly staged haunted hay ride, but the zombies or undead or bloody brainless patients are somewhat effective. The scene where they are all exchanging brains is pretty innovative. Otherwise, um, there is Stephen Gregory Foster's bizarro accent to amuse you.

R.John Xerxes
R.John Xerxes

Many didn't think much of this but I thought it was a pretty decent film. It moves along slowly and manages to cast a creepy atmosphere throughout. It doesn't turn into a full-blown Zombie movie until the last 25 minutes with a very cool scene of the dead rising from the pit of the mysterious abandoned wing of the mental hospital. It has moments of violence scattered around but nothing too graphic or gory that's expected from this type of film. It's not very exciting but still a worthwhile watch.

Lee ?
Lee ?

Super Reviewer

The unrated edition does feature more gore (some of it pretty good) but it still doesn't help this overly long, slow moving snoozefest from the 80's. "Where can we get more of this... holy water?"

A.D. Villarreal
A.D. Villarreal

Super Reviewer

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