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May 30, 2011
God has bled, hell has risen, and darkness prevails

A correctional facility is shut down after an execution ends in an abnormal fashion leading to several people escaping and a vicious shootout. Twenty years later the correctional facility is reopened as a woman's prison. When a woman tries to escape the prison, she breaks her ankle and blood seeps into the ground causing the previously executed man to return from the dead with a horde of zombies at his disposal. Can the women of the prison escape the flesh eating zombies?

"You're not to have any more sessions with these girls."

Derek Wan, director of A Sunset Fighter, delivers Shadow: Dead Riot. The storyline for this picture is ridiculous and poorly executed. The subplots were interesting, in terms of the woman's groups within the prison, and the overall characters are well presented, but aspects of the plot were frustrating and predictable. The acting is average and the cast includes Tony Todd, Carla Greene, Nina Hodoruk, and Andrea Langi.

"You're about to become a now-person."

Shadow: Dead Riot was part of a Grindhouse DVD collection I recently obtained for $0.99. I thought this would have promise based on Tony Todd starring in a zombie picture; unfortunately, this movie had little going for it other than a few worthwhile fight sequences and nude scenes. I recommend skipping this picture even if you're a fan of prison dramas or grindhouse classics.

"Help us help you."

Grade: D-
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