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½ November 3, 2015
Vraiment du gros n'importe quoi. Parfois rigolo, parfois pitoyable. Cette impression omniprésente que le film a été réalisé par un groupe d'ados. Et cette phrase qui me revient en tête après le générique : J'ai rien compriiiiiiiiiiis!!!!!!!!!
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½ June 20, 2014
I'll get this out of the way immediately, but who thought it was a good idea to make this film as long as it was? It's over 90 minutes long and it, at the very least, should've been 20-25 minutes shorter. It shouldn't have been longer than 75 minutes, credits included. I say this because, it's obvious that this film is technically no good, it's clear this was made on a very minuscule budget and not a lot of care was taken on some of the technical aspects of the film. Not that it matters, because this film is all about the absurdly, over-the-top Japanese humor. You'd only get this brand of Battle Royale hybrid with a sports film from Japan. In many ways this is, very obviously, a labor of love. They set out to make the craziest and most ridiculous movie they could with this concept. And it's safe to say that they succeeded in their mission. The problem is, while I did laugh uproariously at some of the film's most ridiculous scenes, since the movie is so long, there's some really long stretches of time where the film is just bad. You don't laugh with it even though it is practically begging you to. The problem is that the baseball game the two teams play goes on for WAY too long. It pretty much, almost, kills the movie. I think it finds its way back on track eventually, but it was really rough going for a while there. Then again, if you don't appreciate this type of humor then it'll be rough going from beginning to end. But it's very obvious that there's no way this film should've been as long as it was I still found myself laughing at this film, which is what it wants if you really think about it. It's not a good movie, it's not Little Miss Sunshine but it does provide some really ridiculous moments. For example, the main character's brother goes on a murderous rampage after Jubeh, the main character, accidentally kills his father with a super-powered, fireball pitch. Jubeh's brother's murderous rampage is also committed with a baseball. So you can imagine how absurd the film really is. This is a bad movie if we're honest. It's an overlong, poorly acted, poorly edited, mess of a movie. Yet I still enjoyed myself. What does that say about me?
August 19, 2013
I'm generally a fan of these outrageous Japanese gore comedies, but this one is the bottom of the barrel. The satire of prison movies and sports films completely misses the mark, substituting lame, cheap gross-out effects for humour. Not worth your time. Not at all.
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August 7, 2013
A boy with a literally deadly fastball grows up to become a vigilante, is imprisoned, and is blackmailed into playing on the jailhouse baseball squad despite the fact that he has sworn never to use the fatal pitch again. This grossout gore comedy has a cheap, rushed, "that's good enough" feel about it, and with the incoherent plot and jokes about puke-eating and body cavity searches, it seems to have been written by a team of particularly immature twelve-year-old boys during breaks on the playground.
July 14, 2013
stupid as usual with sushi typhoon movies but still entertaining
June 10, 2013
Even funnier than Yakuza Weapon. Team Guchi hits it out of the park with this ridiculous comedy. "Shot in derelict buildings, and with most of the slim budget seemingly going on the okay special and visual effects, the movie flies on pure glee and inventiveness" Could have spent more time on the Black Dahlia team and Hoshino. Sushi Typhoon aficionados will love it.
January 30, 2012
Just as i expected from a "Sushi Typhoon" movie.
January 15, 2012
Gross humour, sometimes disturbing gore, silly as Hell, often hilarious, if you can stomach it: from a disciple of Ryuehi Kitamura, more or less the only flick about baseball I'd see.
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November 3, 2011
Yudai Yamaguchi's Deadball, which looks to be closely related to Battlefield Baseball, is as wacky as its title sounds.With a plot that is easy enough to follow, everything gets swallowed up by all the antics that take place in 100 minutes of screen time. Ultimately, the story is there to connect everything together. Yamaguchi's humor is scattered throughout; however, the violence and gore calls a lot of attention to itself, which ends up taking away from the more sophisticated writing.The brutality is extreme, as in over the top, and so are the effects that come with it. Too hilarious to be serious and too bloody for the weak-stomached is how Deadball plays outTak Sakaguchi has got the right persona for his character. Mari Hoshino successfully finds herself playing a male character, while the rest of the cast are made up of obnoxious and overacted characters. The lovely females of St. Black Dahlia High School are worthy of note.The chance for Deadball to head down a more humorous and less violent path is there, but all in all, there is enough entertainment value in this production.
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