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½ May 4, 2015
Full of action, heroic sacrifice, and unsurmountable odds, The Deadly Duo takes suspense up a notch in this men on a mission movie. Bao Ting-tien (Ti Lung) leads a rescue mission and is able to save one captured soldier. Said soldier informs them that their Prince is in an enemy stronghold, and they must rescue him at all costs. With action every ten minutes or so and a wicked finale, The Deadly Duo is light on character development but makes up for it with bravado and bravery.
December 5, 2009
An awesome action flick from Chang Cheh, it's short, sweet, well-paced, and has a surprisingly big feel to it despite its 81 minute run-time. The outdoor scenes are not bound by Shaw sets, but feature actual location work, and the action scenes are frequent and violent in the Chang Cheh tradition, with Lau Kar Leung brilliantly handling the choreography duties. It's a small, satisfying wuxia movie that hits all the right notes.
½ September 1, 2009
Un "petit" film dans la carriere de Chang Cheh a la baston.... non-stop lol.

le scenar reste sympa mais n'a rien d'extraordinaire (avrais dire je m'en rapelle que vaguement c'est dire lol).

Ti Lung + David Chiang ont décidé de réduire la population mondiale. Un duo mortel pour un film défoulant.
½ February 21, 2009
A short movie but still certainly loaded with action. And unlike something like The Magic Blade where I actually started to get tired of it all, the action in The Deadly Duo was pretty exciting. This is the most suspensful 70s era kung fu flick I've seen. I'm quickly becoming a really big David Chiang fan. And the picture quality is great on that recent release!
January 26, 2009
o dear god. horrible choreography for the sight scenes. the effects are terrible as well. makes it funny more then anything else. not much of a thriller though it does have alot of action
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