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December 18, 2008
Great idea; so-so execution. Needed a script polish, better production and someone to replace Chase. An actor with comic sensibilities instead of a comic that thinks he can act.
½ December 18, 2008
See a pissed off Hines take a flamethrower to a low rider: "Let me give ya'll a little touch up"
December 15, 2008
no thanks not my thing
November 22, 2008
Very unfunny and preachy movies about the arms race
November 6, 2008
definitely an underrated film. it's a dark comedy but it paints a scarily real portrait of arms dealing... while the movie deals with latin america and the communist threat of the 1980's it makes you wonder if this is the sort of thing going on in africa now... definitely worth a look.
½ July 30, 2008
William Friedkin's comedy is not so much a Chevy Chase vehicle as a armed missile launcher dud fizzling out before it reaches its target.
½ July 27, 2008
A good deal would be to save your time and money and not bother with this.
July 24, 2008
So under rated. If you can find it anywhere to rent it's a miracle. It's not that expensive to buy and it's well worth it. You have to really pay attention to absorb the humour as it does have some dark war/weapons/power themes. I guess that's what makes the light parts so funny. Gregory Hines is classic, it's a shame he's no longer with us.
½ December 6, 2007
decent comedy but lacks continuity in one liners and humor. but otherwise an ok film
½ June 22, 2007
This satire lacks any kind of bite or laughs. Chevy Chase plays himself but doesn't have the material to be funny.
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