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May 22, 2010
Shit Shit Shit Ha Ha Ha !!!
May 14, 2010
I went into this movie expecting a downright horrid DTV thriller, and came out pleasantly surprised. The story was unusual, and it went in directions I wasn't expecting. The acting was shakey throughout, some performances were flat-out awful, others grew on you as the film progressed, and then there was Jeff Parise as Bobo. At least 30% of my love for this movie comes from his character. He's a scuzzy, low-rent womanizer with a diabolical approach to picking up the ladies, and it would have been easy to turn this character into irritating comic relief or caracture, but Parise played the role perfectly, keeping him serious when he needed to. Any scene featuring him was suddenly energized, and you could tell the people he interacted with were barely keeping up with him. We also get veteran scream queen P.J. Soles in a brief but effective role. Then, there was the always stunning Christa Campbell, who's there largely to know.. stunning. We get some messy kills and some well-placed humor. Over-all a "better than I was expecting" scenario.
March 8, 2008
The cheap production hampers a promising plot idea. The acting is below average and the score can be overpowering. It has some creepy moments though.
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