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½ September 15, 2013
This came on a DVD of Urban Action movies, which is right up my alley. Unfortunately, the results were less than stellar. I didn't expect a really great movie at all. Far from it. But I did expect at least a funny bad movie, and Death Journey just isn't that. What it is instead is a mostly boring movie. The score, for instance, nearly put me to sleep. It's in the background and doesn't play much of a part in the film, and it's so rhythmic and droning that it nearly put me out. It didn't help that Fred Williamson was basically being shot at, losing the fat white guy, retrieving him, and then starting the process all over again. It's really that. There's no character development, no fun moments, no nothing. It's sad too because this one had some real potential to be quite hilarious. Instead, it's just an exercise in trying to stay awake until the very end.
½ September 9, 2013
While the plot about witness protection isn't original, Death Journey is a really fun blaxploitation film due to its cheesy plot, cheesy acting, pointless sex scenes and nudity, and ridiculous action scenes. Thanks to the rather terrible production values, it makes itself into a fun B-movie that provides plenty of entertainment for those who like dollops of cheese on their films.
½ March 30, 2012
One star is earned just for my love of Fred "The Hammer" Williamson. Otherwise this is the dregs. A movie that defies you to pay attention.
February 19, 2010
Fred Williamson directs himself in yet another really, really, really BORING blaxploitation flick. Williamson is Jesse Crowder, a PI charged with escorting a mob witness from L.A. to NYC but the plot doesn‚??t really matter and I‚??m betting ten minutes into this movie you will be drifting. With the look of poorly constructed student film, Death Journey plods along with a monotonous score, horrendous dialogue, and dime store acting. It gets a big ‚??Who Cares?‚?? I did like Fred Williamson‚??s slo mo Karate kick intro and I loved the bit where he throws his leftovers off the train but that‚??s nowhere near enough for me to recommend this drivel. VF.
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October 28, 2009
Another Fred Williamson Movie, A Black Actor who must have made a couple of Hundred movies. Fred was born cool, he was my exposure to cool, pimps, black detectives, and while everyone else was running around in 1970 being a hippy, Fred was just a Cool Black man. In this movie he plays the role of a hired tough guy to get a government witness across the United States. We have 90 minutes of Tugs chasing and shooting at Fred and his witness, along with fights, and beautiful white (Remember this was 1976 when this in movies was surly unpopular.) and black women sleeping with Fred and then trying to kill him.. In the end Fred gets his man to the trail and gets even with who set him up. At least he thinks he did, I think he had wrong person myself, but maybe my film was cut. I got this in a Fred Williamson Double Feature by Diamond Ent. All in all poor sound and film quality, so no more then a 3 star on this one, but your still cool Fred.
December 30, 2008
fred williamson kicks a bunch of peoples asses
April 21, 2004
This is a surprisingly effective film. Nevermind the overtly simple plot, the action from scene to scene gradually push this film to an abrupt end. Although the action is incredibly fake, there is enough twists and turns to keep the film moving. What this film has that many of Williamson's don't is chemistry between character A and character B. The plotline goes as follows; an ex-cop is hired to bring an informer from New York to Los Angeles in 48 hours to testify against the mafia. Ok, yes, mindnumbingly simple plotline, but the execution of it is well done. The chemistry between Williamson and the informer is believable and something resembling Jules and Vince Vega in Pulp Fiction or Ramsey and Doug in Lady Cocoa. There comes a point in the film where Crowder (Williamson's character) seems to be killing everybody left and right for no reason, i.e. the public bathroom scene and it seems after that Williamson decided there was no where else to take the story and it just ends. I suppose it works for this film, but give the script to a more reknown director and I'm sure the ending would have been altered some. Still, Death Journey is what pop culture critics refer to as a good "popcorn movie."
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